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Mauritius Hash Trash 581

24-10-2010 Vuillemin Dodocop and Jean #581

VENUE: Vuillemin

HARES: DodoCop and Jean


… The Hash ‘Godfather’…Don Herb

Number of Hashers: 40

Before the Run
As we drove through the village to the ON-ON, we witnessed two police cars making an arrest.
The ‘Longtill’ houses were proof that “Ile Maurice – C’est une Poubelle.” Anyway the Hares had picked a lovely ON-ON outside the village.

Before the run it was noticed that the GM and Philida were holding hands. However, this was put into perspective when the two ex-GMs (Alan and Dodocop) confirmed that they had both been friendly with the said lady during their term of office!!

The Run
The Hares announced that it would be a short run with four boxes and an HH (Hash Halt). There was a mixture of countryside and village running.
The runners took the wrong trail, having not seen a false trail sign, and left the FWBs (Front walking bastards) to find the proper trail for them.
It’s a sad day for Hashing when the walkers are left to ‘blaze the trail’!!

For this, the walkers were then punished, as they were led into a swamp by Jean, who is one of those rare Hares (and ex-Trailmasters) who…wait for it…LOSES HIS WAY!!!****
Immediately the aspiration of the walkers to get at the beer before the runners got at it was destroyed. Anyway, one of the pleasures of the Hash is “Hare Bashing” – which we did in plenty.

A good run…thanks to the Hares.

The Circle

First timers:
Danny and Joshua from London…son and grandson of the Godfather. Also Alexandre Vincent who was forced to come by his pirate father-in-law.

Second timers:
There were four down-downs for four second timers.

As the ‘old Hashers’ were wining and dining in Rodrigues, the RA thought it would be useful for many of the new Hashers present to know some of the important elements of Hashing.

The Hares:
An important part of every Hash meeting. It is important to have plenty of flour, but Dodocop was a bit short of cash and could only buy a kilogram.
Jean was only recruited on the Saturday before the Hash and cannot be blamed for not knowing where he was going. Anyway he was more interested in doing business on the Hash (which is a very big “No! No!!”) by getting Hashers to fill out a Questionnaire for his daughter Abigaille who decided to swot for exams rather than come to the Hash herself…another big “No! No!” The RA did not give the Hares a downy as we all appreciate the hard work the Hares do for the Hash.

New shoes:
The tendency to show off you riches by attending the Hash with new shoes is a terrible sin!
The Hashers were asked to detect anyone who had these offensive things on their feet.
A second timer, who couldn’t possibly know this sin, was let off a down-down as she was doing the food!!

Dress code:
It was agreed that the Godfather was dressed properly for the Hash as he had a tie and jacket on.
One of our youngest Hashers was dressed in a Dr Who green space suit, so his down to earth, British Airways striking Dad, Thierry, was given a downy.

The Circle:
The atmosphere in the Circle should be one of reverence, with no talking…and no sitting except for Old Age Pensioners.

An important thing to note is that no beer should be (drank, drunk, drunken, drinked, imbibed) before the first runner is back.

Cow Bell (Hash Hostage):
This was awarded for excellence and service to Harold for being the Hash Mr Softy for three years.

Many thanks to the chefs for an excellent feast.

Next Hash:
Le Chaland Public Beach. Hares: Leslie, Alan and Marie-Claude.

Sara ‘Coffee Mate’ Grihault
Acting Secretary

The Hash Mish-Management Team
OfficeThe 2010 / 2011 team
Supreme Being:John Cabrelli
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Pierre-André (Deputy: Jean)
Cellarmaster:Rob / Gilbert
Hash Horn:?? (Where is the horn) ??
Religious and Sex Advisor:Patty / Leslie
Ice Maiden:Gaetan
Ha$h Ca$h:Thierry (Deputy: Henriette)
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Harold
Hash Market:Juliette
Edit Hare:Olivier (Deputy: John)
Kitchen Mistress:Philida (Phone: 492 0609)

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