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Mauritius Hash Trash 461

05-03-2006 Pierrefonds Jean And Philida #461

Venue: Pierrefonds     

Hare(s): Jean and Philida The Hash was a very good one on Sunday despite the forecasted bad weather. The mud was perfect and the two streams were welcoming indeed. Jean and Philidia had a ‘down down’ to show our appreciation.

As a returner we had Eric Fleurot – a well known Mauritian hasher with the Hash name of Bumblebee, who we are going to see more often as he decided to come back to his Mauritian Paradise after wandering for some years away. Our RA compared him to the prodigal son in the Bible.

As there were no second timers our Hash Master had a ‘down down’ followed by our RA who had a ‘down down’ because of his totally unnecessary popularity in the local news paper???

The Smelly Blue was given to Franchette for being the last lady hasher to arrive back at base. I wonder if Martin has some grudge against women?

Gilbert will be the Trailmaster for the next three hashes as Alan is going on holiday to the UK.

Thanks for the good food Marie Andrée it must have been a difficult job for you to guest the appropriate number of Hashers coming due to what looked like cyclonic conditions.

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