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“HASH RUN” should be set like a “Cross Country run” i.e. it should be interesting, with an element of surprise, mystery, intrigue and most of all, it should be safe and FUN.
Unlike a Cross Country run, the “Hasher” follows a trail of flour set by the “Hares” (trail setters) and is led over a course of between 5 & 7 km with false trails,”Boxes” and dead ends designed to keep the trail interesting and to keep the pack together, so that the First and Last Hashers home will be only about 15 minutes apart.
To set a well marked trail, 5kgs. of white flour is required. The trail is set on the side of the route and can be partly hidden from view, making it difficult to follow… Should the Hashers find they are running down a trail marked on their “Right” it generally means they are going the wrong way and may miss half the trail. (When a Hasher looks down at a round spot of flour in a large field, or thick forest, which side is the “Left”)…??!!
An ideal setting for a Hash, is always away from a built up area, so as not to upset the peaceful Town and Village life on a Sunday morning, with Dogs barking, Hash “Horns” blowing, and Hashers shouting “ON ON”…!! Be considerate when selecting a Hash site. Don’t upset the environment, and never leave rubbish behind when you leave.


a) Seek clearance, and get permission (in writing wherever possible) to use the site.
b) Chose prominent places to place “Hash Signs” showing the route to the Hash site.
c) Seek safe Parking space for up to 30 cars, without blocking any road.
d) Have a clearing large enough to hold the “Hash Circle” ie: around 80 persons.
e) Open country is not an ideal Hash ground, as it’s difficult to hide false trails.
f) Forest, Canefield tracks, covered Hills, with Rivers to cross through, are ideal.
g) A good run for the front runners (FRB’s) with a possible Shortcut for “wimps”.
h) Viewpoints, Historical buildings, place to swim, Cave to visit, anything interesting.
i) A place with plenty of paths and trails leading off, to be used as false trails.


Single Dot Hash SignSINGLE DOTS OF FLOUR mark the trail: (3 or more, it’s the right direction!)
Single Dot Hash SignSINGLE DOTS OF FLOUR mark a trail: (2 or less, it could be the wrong direction!)
A Circle Hash SignA Circle – checkpoint: (someone has to find the correct trail)
Two parallel Hash SignTWO PARALLEL LINES or an ‘X’: (false trail, go back)
A box with a number inside hash signA BOX WITH A NUMBER INSIDE: (wait for the number of Hashers before continuing)
Circl with a H inside Hash SigneA BOX or A CIRCLE WITH AN ‘H’ INSIDE: (hash halt, wait for everyone)
Circle with a X inside Hash SignCIRCLE WITH AN ‘X’ INSIDE: (back check, go back & find right trail – could be a long way back)
Arrow as Hash SignAN ARROW: (follow direction – up, down, left, right, into water etc)