Hash House Harriers Mauritius

If you’ve half a mind to Hash … that’s all it takes!

Do you feel like joining us for a run (walk) every second Sunday in Paradise at 10 am?

Anyone can join in and run, jog or walk with the Mauritius Hash.

You’ve never been to a Hash? And want to know how it works… ON ON.


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  1. Very Nice Hash Trash Leslie, well done!

Sunset Hash

We meet once a month, on a Saturday at 4 pm. We walk for about an hour, then have a beer or grog and have dinner in a small restaurant.

Sports Info

If you are interested in other sporting activities in Mauritius, go to: www.randotrail.mu

If you are not lucky enough to live in Mauritius, there are Hashs all around the World. Here are 2 indicators to help you find one close to you:

1. Visit the Global Hash Site, or
2. Use the Hash in Africa guide specially made by our wonderful, wandering hasher, Rey.

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