Mauritius Hash Trash 558

06-12-2009 Riviere des Creoles Leslie, Marie-Claude and Alan Sara #558

Dodocop requested hares to circle up at 12:35 pm.

Claire and Didier from Paris, Barry from California, Chiara from Italy and Anna from Mauritius.

Janis (a.k.a Doggy Style).

Our GM asked the hash circle how they had found this hash…BRILLIANT replied the circle. NEVERTHELESS Alan, Leslie and Marie Claude were rewarded with a Down Down.

Then stepped in our RA who told us a story about a couple of old hashers namely Alan and Michel (obviously these are false names). Our two hashers were sitting under a tree and talking. Alan said to Michel: “you know…I am getting older and I realise that things have changed, things are not what they used to be”. Michel replied: “yes, you are right, look at me I am now bald with false teeth”…….

[Note from the Hash Scribe:] “I apologise for not remembering the rest of the story but I still know the moral behind it – see below :”

Our RA concluded his great story by saying that nowadays, even though there are many young hashers, the old hashers / hierarchs are still doing the trails and volunteering for all hash responsibilities.
Hence a special appeal is being made to the young hashers who should be volunteering for preparing the trails and helping in doing the hash stuff.

Subsequent to our RA’s request, we were back to the usual punishment business.
And Rey was caught by our RA. He was punished because he got lost when coming to the hash and that was totally inexcusable for an old hasher who had been participating to so many hashers locally and abroad. Down Down for Rey.
As Alan was “argumenting” in the hash circle, he was also prescribed a Down Down by the RA.

Dodocop then made some announcements regarding the RED DRESS PARTY:
– The red dress party will be held at the Mug in Phoenix on Saturday, 19th December. The run will start at 4 pm.
– Regarding the decoration, Dodocop said that hashers could come at the Mug at 3 pm to organise the decoration;
– For those who intend to come, they should inform Henriette (or book on the web site) 3 days in advance because an outside caterer will be preparing the diner hence he needs to know well in advance the number of participants in order to prepare the right quantity of food;
– The price for the red dress party: Rs. 300 for hashers and Rs. 500 for new comers/guests;
– Everyone should be dressed in red for the run. They will be able to change for the party after the run;
– Dodocop asked everyone to bring sweets and biscuits for the run. Sweets will be given to children who we shall be meeting on the trail;
– Lord Bob intervened and said that he will open a counter on the website to facilitate the bookings for the red dress party;

Following those announcements, Martin mentioned that the first hash of 2010 which is scheduled for the 3rd of January 2010 will be held at his place in Creve Coeur. Unfortunately (or fortunately:) for Martin, he was given a Down Down because his pants were falling down to his knees when he was making his announcement.

To add to his previous announcements, Martin said that hashers were warmly welcome to participate at his school (Northfields) Christmas Carol party on Thursday 10th of December 2009.

Two last Down Downs were prescribed before closing the hash circle; Jean for wearing new shoes and John to welcome him back at the hash.

No new hash hostage because Geerish, the current hash hostage, was absent today.


A last word of thanks to Sarah who prepared the food.

The Hash Mish-Management Team
OfficeThe 2009 / 2010 team
Supreme Being:Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Jean
Deputy: Pierre-André
Hash Horn:Geerish-ish
Religious and Sex Advisor:Joint operation (Jacklin, Leslie, Peter)
Ice Man:Michael
Ha$h Ca$h:Chantalle
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:??
Hash Market:Marie-Claire, Eileen
Edit Hare:Zandré
Kitchen Mistress:Philida (Phone: 492 0609)

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