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Ever feel like your treadmill routine is stuck on repeat? Ditch the gym and join the Mauritius Hash House Harriers (MHash) for a unique adventure run that combines exercise, exploration, and good company!

What is the MHash?

A Hash is the short name given to an International Running Club, called:
“THE HASH HOUSE HARRIERS” (A drinking club with a running problem!)

We’re more than just a running club – we’re a social bunch who love exploring the hidden corners of Mauritius on our bi-weekly “hash runs.” Think secret trails and friendly banter, and a post-run gathering filled with laughter and maybe a “down down” (our special drink tradition).

Is the MHash for You?

Absolutely! Our runs are designed for all levels, so whether you’re a seasoned runner or prefer a leisurely walk, you’re welcome to join the pack. Trails typically range from 5-8 kilometers and are marked with flour (don’t worry, it’s biodegradable!).

More Than Just Running:

The MHash is about creating lasting friendships and exploring Mauritius in a fun and exciting way. Join us for an unforgettable experience where you can:

  • Discover hidden gems: Explore new parts of the island you never knew existed.
  • Make new friends: Meet a vibrant community of people who share your love for adventure.
  • Laugh along the way: We don’t take ourselves too seriously – get ready for some lighthearted fun!

Ready to Ditch the Treadmill and Join the Fun?

Sign up for our next Hash adventure. It’s the perfect way to explore Mauritius, get some exercise, and make some awesome new friends.

A Hash Club is governed by a Mismanagement Committee, which consists of:

A Grand Master
An Assistant Grand Master
Trail Master
Cellar Master
Religious/Sex Advisor
Hash Cash
Edit Hare
Hash Horn
Any other Office, can be created when and where required!

When and where?

We Hash at 10 a.m. every second Sunday. We meet in a different place each time.
Check the next Runs to see when and where we will be meeting and how to get there.


We don’t charge for children under 12yrs but adults pay Rs 250 each to take part in the Hash. This includes the cost of drinks that are available after the run. Any surplus is used for other Hash expenditures and for subsidizing the Hash Bash and Red Dress Run. You should pay Ha$h Ca$h before the run starts.


We all socialize after the run so you can bring nibbles to share around, it can make the day more enjoyable.

We are currently organizing a “bring and share” system for lunch.
Each participant brings along a plate (for about 3 or 4 persons). These are placed on a table for all to share (a buffet).
Please bring your own plate and cutlery.
( If you prefer, you can bring your own food and not share, or not eat at all! )

What to bring with you

Due to the climate and local insect life you should bring:

  • hat, suitable clothing, and shoes
  • water
  • sun protection
  • and don’t forget food for after the run (see above).
  • maybe also think of a sitting opportunity like champing share etc

Important Notices

Parents should look after young children at all times.

  • We are a family Hash so there is no real humiliation, just the odd beer bath!
  • Participants in Mauritius Hash House Harriers’ (M3H) Runs and activities expressly waive their right to pursue the Committee of M3H, their agents, servants or assigns, for any loss, including injury and personal loss, howsoever caused, while participating in M3H Runs and its associated events.

In general, there are no fixed and clear rules, but we try to follow The Hash Commandments.

And perhaps understand our Hash Signs that you don’t walk around like a lost hasher, even if we are lost, we never show that we are lost.

more about the Hash

Visit the Global Hash Site and if you’re not in Mauritius, find a hash near you, at World Hash Links

Use the Hash in Africa guide specially made by our wonderful, wandering hasher, Rey.

Introduction to Hashing for Virgins – By Tony


Hashing is a social, recreational, cross-country, running for fun activity. It began in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938. Albert Gisbert, a chartered accountant, started up the harriers group from among bachelors of the day resident at Selangor Club Chambers.
The “hash house” was the term by which the dining room annex was known, because of its cuisine.
The hash trails were laid through the vast rubber plantations on the outskirts of KL. Since those early days, the number of hash chapters has increased, especially after WWII when allied troops picked up the idea and took it back home, to the point where there are now over 1,700 chapters in over 160 countries.
The hares lay a trail (usually a couple of hours before the pack assembles) of flour, chalk, sawdust or shredded paper (anything biodegradable) over a course in urban or rural areas.
A well laid trail should include false trails and check backs (with a refreshment beer stop in warm weather) and is designed to delay the front runners so that the slower members can catch up, thus ensuring that all hashers and harriettes arrive at the end of the trail within a few minutes of each other.
A trail in Mauritius is generally between 60 and 90 minutes in duration and can be around 3 or 5 km. The Dodo Hash uses blobs of flour with crosses to indicate checks and parallel lines or a circle to indicate check backs. Flour is usually laid on the left and the golden rule is “three blobs and you are on”.
Hounds must shout their status when “Are you?” is called and replies should be “ON ON” if you are on flour; “Checking” if you are checking out the options at a check; “Checking One or Two” if you have sighted blobs after a check; “Check Back” or “False Trail” if you are returning from either and, finally, “Looking” if you are not on flour but casting for the trail.
Directional arrows should be discouraged as they allow FRBs to speed even further ahead.
There are various quaint rules and customs to be observed during and after the trail.
Most hashers and harriettes have amusing handles and there are other names and terminology to be learnt. E.g. “We never run — …– out of beer”.
On extremely rare occasions these rules are broken and the Grand Master or Religious Advisor metes out some mild but amusing sentences after the run itself. These punishments generally involve imbibing some liquids.
In case of accident a medical first aid kit was carried on the hash by Barnacle Bill (now posted to Washington so don’t get hurt !)

Singing the Hash Hymn

Words to global ‘Hash Hymn’

Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home;
Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home;
I looked over Jordan and what did I see? Coming for to carry me home;
A band of angels coming after me, Coming for to carry me home;
*(repeat above until people start leaving)