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We were a big group of jolly hashers today – I wanted to stay behind as the carefree key-lady…waving goodbye the energetic crowd as they flooded the eastern island countryside and went up and down the mountain slopes…soaking up the sun and sliding down some muddy trails – it was quite a mouthful of a trail and everyone was knackered and THIRSTY by the time they dribbled back to the on in.

Run 538 ~ circle scenario
We gathered in a delightful little spot beneath the welcome shade of lovely green trees just by the seashore – when RA Alistair started to hush the cacophonic crowd for the Hash Circle……
Do do dee do do – you can leave your hat on……Hmmmm…sorry it’s not that song……

You can’t leave your hat on!
Back to hash school everybody – RA Alistair wanted to get us up to standard again – we had to remove all head gear in the awesome presence of our one and only Grandiosus Masterlicious Alan the bearer of toothed dodo bones.

Notorious Notifications

There is a new law on the island:
No more drinking in PUBLIC PLACES – ooh ooh – Hares…be careful where you choose your ON ONs – always check with Trailmaster Dodocop first.
Our next hash will be hosted by a hot hare duo…Captain Nemo and his lovely leading lady, Marie Claude – gossip is that it would be at La Valle – watch the web for details!


Pierre-André & Laurent – a grand applause for a brilliant picturesque trail – well done chaps!
Now let’s have a look at today’s newbies…

1 timer
Doris (Mauritius)
Kim (Mauritius)
Mike (Scotland)

2 timer
Lily (Mauritius)
José & Catherine

How do you like that for some genius trash maths???

538 hash Claire

CLAIRE got a small cute baby beer mug d-d for leaving us and going back to France
– here’s to the leaver, she’s true blue – bon voyage Claire!!! Academic Announcement – For the studious amongst us…Laurent publishes Theses for free (oooops – sounds like a rare brain disease???) – Those of you in dire need to publish yours – you know where to go!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
RA RA RA for the RA!!! (Are Ay!!)

RA Alistair was back on his rocker again – or so he thought….until he realised he left his speech with Jacqueline.
He was the proud self proclaimed new HASH RECORD HOLDER – for getting a down-down in both the southern and northern hemispheres within one week – travelling between Mauritius and Scotland.
Now that he was back in the hot seats from the pound seats, he realised how good our hash is and what good value for money – even with the extra Rs 50 a head – thanks to our Ha$h Ca$h Henriette who knows how to charm everyone’s wallet!

Now…something happened while the RA was away – and he called in four guilty until presumed innocent ladies to demonstrate the LAMENT they sang for him in his absence…

1 ~ Henriette, Muriel, Marie Celine and Marie Andree… passionately screamed Alistair’s name – and our RA wanted to know from the rest of the circle if they were guilty or not…which OFF COURSE they WERE!!! So there you have it – a guilty down-down with a very wobbly song to prove yet again what a useless bunch of singers we all are!

2 ~ CLAUDE was summoned…as well as Pierre-André…who tried asking Claude for a beer but ALAS!!! Claude was like the grand old duke of York who marched his men up and down the hill and never knew if he was up or down – yep that sounds like our Claude!
But seeing that we were at a historic site and we were all cultured and cultivated people…this time Claude did something miraculous and won everyone’s approval with his historical write-up about Devil’s Point. Scroll down for this later but before I lose my threads oooops I meant my THREAD…
Pierre-André mentioned there was a hidden treasure and got GM Alan’s antennae sensitised…At the question WHY IT WAS CALLED DEVIL’S POINT – Pierre-André pointed to his treasure map placed strategically over Claude’s pelvis – demonstrating the obvious form of a huge …(peepshow ends here people)…if you were there and you know how to read between the lines, well then you would be laughing out loud too! These naughty hashers with one track minds gave Claude his honorary down-down and still didn’t get the damn song right!

A peep into Devil’s Point – courtesy of Claude the Wrestler.

Devil’s Point was a French Fortress – the Bourbon Battery – built between 1750 and 1760 and declared a Historical Monument in 1998. Now reduced to ruins; it was the site of the famous sea battle between the French and the British near Ile de la Passe. It is said that both the Rival Captains were wounded and treated at the same time in the Mahebourg Hospital which is today the Naval Museum of Mahebourg.

Any questions? All the boys wanted to know who won (now isn’t that just typical!) and was disappointed to hear that it was the French – so then everyone’s attention was focused on the Bones around the GM‘s neck and we wanted to know where he got them from and if they were DODO bones……to which our very own DODO PROFESSOR answered seriously that Dodos did not have TEETH!

It was time to welcome back the favourite and smelliest of them all…
Sven thought it was EXCELLENT to wear it and EXCELLENT to give it away to a lady who was very jealous of it last time when he received it…MYLENE!!!!!
A nice mushroom flavoured smelly shower for this courageous lady!

RA Alistair stepped into the circle again and called out another birthday down-down –
Ooooh I was wondering who that could be and by golly it was …… ME!

Thanks for the birthday song, the birthday down-down and the beer hair treatment – we’ll make a hash choir out of you all yet!

Today’s food was offered kindly by our very new hashers Tomoko and Julien – who got a huge hungry applause and everyone was in a big hurry to taste their Japanese Macaroni – yum yum yum!!!

So…the moral of today’s adventure…

My favourite bunch of frantic fun-lovers!
A day out laughing & enjoying the simple things…
A chance to get a little nutty and let our hair down
… I’d say an extra fifty rupees to hang out with you every fortnight is just about worth it!
In fact, it’s PRICELESS!

HASH HUGS!!! Zan – Your Edit Hare

The Hash Mish-Management Team
Supreme Being:Alan “Strong On”
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Deputy: Alan “Strong on”; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
Cellarmaster:Chris & Tess (beer-a-dor/labrador) & Deputy Bob
Hash Horn:Blob “Supremous Blobus”
Religious and Sex Advisor:Alistair
Ice Man:Dave H.
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Harold
Hash Market:Marie-Claude
Edit Hare:Zandré,
Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo (Tel. 453 9675) & Sarah as gourmet deputy

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