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Mauritius Hash Trash 512

24-02-2008 Yemen Peter + Zan Marie Jo #512

We had a full house hash mismanagement team today – everyone was back!!! YIPPPEEEEE!
Our GM Supremous Blobus zoomed in from his adventures honouring us with his presence and our RA Peter flew in especially for the occasion –
Maybe this phenomenon has something to do with the spot we chose – Valhalla or some people also spell it Walhalla – the place of the gods…

Hashers & Harriettes!!!

Coming to you EXHAUSTED and HARED-OUT from the TRASH DESK
with actual behind-the-scenes footage FROM THE HARES THEMSELVES.

Hares Gossip Gallery

Roaming around Moka on Thursday – in the middle of a cloudburst due to the Tropical Disturbance “Ex-Hondo” we had to make up our minds swiftly…where to set the hash?
We decided to try something completely different and investigated the Tamarin Estate en route to Yemen and Magenta – and found a magnificent beauty spot for the ON IN – right next to the river in a mini forest with plenty of shade – Perfect! What a relief –

Getting permission at Medine Sugar Estate was a breeze and by Thursday night we scribbled directions to the Trailmaster.
There was no opportunity to set the trail before Sunday still due to the Tropical Depression … so we packed a hare survival bag filled with FLOUR, raincoats, sunscreen, Anti-Mosquito, breakfast and BEER!

Setting out at six thirty Sunday morning was fresh and fun!!!

While laying the trail we came across hare-hunters….ooooooops
Luckily we were in disguise else it could have turned into a bad hare day.
So there we were – two hares on a special mission, dotting rocks and dodging shots!!!

Thanks to Peter who is a veteran at this kind of thing – and a copy of the hash sign language in my left pocket, I was a for away and having great fun getting covered with flour but after all the hard work this is an experience to be recommended … it really put us in touch with nature and it was great to see how everybody enjoyed the area which combined the lovely river, green fields, sugarcane, beautiful views of the sea and surrounding mountains and the mysterious forest where all the after run fun started!

For those of you with adventurous spirits put your name on the Trail Master’s list!


Remember to take off your hats when the GM speaks Today we had a handful of…
1 timer
Razeeyah (Mauritius)
Chris & Patricia (UK)
Jana, George & Michael (Zurich)
Tim & Sarah-she was the youngest member of the hash crowd today! (Australia)
Jacob (Switzerland) – we will always remember him as the Flower Power First Timer!

2 timer
To the GM’s delight we had one second timer that saved him from having to down a beer… Philippe (Mauritius)

Peter was cloaked in his RA Attire
full of beans as his usual self, pointing everyone’s attention to the history of the area and pulling out of his pocket another inspiration from his Poetic Gems Travelling Suitcase.

The Warthog – Part XXVII

The Gods of Valhalla – An Ode to Thor

The fabled land of Valhalla,
Place of the Gods of yore.
And the Great God of Thunder,
Amongst the greatest of all.

As he leapt on his steed,
From a high wall.
Mortals would treble,
To his thunderous call.

“I’m Thor”,
He cried.
To which the horse replied,
“You forgot your thaddle thilly!”

Enough of this frivolity!
The RA was ready to dish out small bits of punishment for certain crimes committed on the hash today!

1 ~ who would have thought that we had a sexual deviant on the hash…other than Claude?… BERTRAND was caught red handed while climbing down a wall shortcutting and then urging Harriettes to jump him – the typical “sex on the hash” scenario that the RA loves to punish! But he downed that beer with such amazing throat action that he was soon forgiven by everyone.

2 ~ BOB was branded for being a WHITE COLLAR CRIMINAL and had to down it for marking a circle without waiting for the check back from the FRB’s,
he took it like a salted hasher, well done Bob !

3 ~ we don’t like cruelty to animals! When Peter asked Patricia if her dog was spayed, he (the dog) started digging a hole!
So having called a spade a spade…he (Peter) gave her a down down for her sins.

4 ~ we had a GOODY GOODY HASHER today…oooooooooh wonder who could that be? Was it Henriette? Was it Alan?
The RA called out the NAME of the DAY – none other than our Grand Master Supremous Blobus himself, for doing the WHOLE TRAIL and never turning back, wow
and he had to down a whole beer (instead of half a beer like the rest of the plebes) for this terrible crime. Way to go Blob!

I have a feeling our RA is fishing for retribution himself, if he continues to punish his superiors in this way!

Bang Boom Va Va Voom!
Flying in on a smelly Broom!
The moment has come –
Anticipated by everyone!

Introducing a Brand New Smelly Blue!
Peter was prancing around with his untainted new smelly blue, showing off this special piece of hash haute couture before handing it over to Annelise!

He thought that would be the best way to get her to return to the hash soon!

hash 512 image037

(Will she / won’t she… after this?)

The new smelly blue did not stay new for too long, barely after Annelise put it on,

she was showered with beer and the smelly was inaugurated in brisk extravagant hash fashion.

On to more serious matters folks!

Like feeding a flock of hungry hashers…

Thanks to Marie-Jo we had tasty PASTA for lunch bites and she has kindly offered to cook for the next hash too – you are a super !

Our next hares will be Jean & Philida – watch the web for details!

hash 512 image041

The day was not over after this – we all had a memorable afternoon in delicious surroundings,

mingling, munching and enjoying…and some of us bitter enders lingered longer – as you can see,

Claude was spotted by a hash flashbug and this is how he ended up on the trash tabloid!

On that note ~
Reaching the end of Valentine month…
Today is the day AFTER the hash – it’s CUDDLE DAY!
Get cosy with your loved ones!
Wrap them in your arms
And give them tight squeezes!

That’s a wrap from me folks!
Squeezy byes!
Until we meet again –
Have a super duper time!

Zan – your edit hare

The Hash Mish-Management Team
Supreme Being:BLOB who is a multitasker and still blowing his HORN
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on”; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
Deputy: Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Cellarmaster:Jackie and Bob (J&B)
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob”
Religious and Sex Advisor:Peter “Malignant Growth” and we are still looking for another volunteer for the times when Peter is somewhere else on the planet downing someone else’s beers!
Ice Man:Dave H.
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Jean and Philidia
Hash Market:Marie-Claude”
Edit Hare:Zandré,
Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo (Tel. 453 9675)

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