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Mauritius Hash Trash 537

15-02-2009 Beau Bois Alan, Tusha and Perry M-France, Mylène & M-Claire #537

Come with me on a LOVE TRAIL…
Follow that heart!

This is the Valentine Run
Beep Beep Crunch ~!
Join the love bunch
Let’s have some loving loony fun……

Run 537 ~ the LOOOOOVE RUN …
Everybody turned up wearing their hearts on their sleeves or on other body parts, and made their red jolly way through the sugarcane, up and down ravines – some flat bits, some smooth and some rough parts, in search of those renowned valentine raffle tickets that our clever hares left everywhere.

CIRCLE d’Amour

We were all huddled together in some tiny sheltered spaces until the rain started to clear up and GM Alan called the herd to order – everyone was in a very happy mood today and as usual, it was quite a feat to get some silence in the circle.


Send in the HARES!

A loud applause erupted for the hares who did a great job today and worked very hard to make this an unforgettable occasion – and the GM also took the opportunity to thank all the ladies who catered for the food – Marie France, Mylene & Marie Claire – and also for the LOVELY red decorations in the “hash-kitchen”.

We have a BIRTHDAY GIRL in our midst – and that calls for a special birthday down-down –

We were all asked to guess her age and she was flattered by numbers such as 32, 41 etc. but RA John didn’t believe any of it and wanted to call in hubby Harold for the TRUTH…luckily Adrienne was saved by the beer and she downed her celebratory punishment like a true hash lady.

GM Alan declared that CHRIS wanted to make a very SAD ANNOUNCEMENT….oooooooooh doooooomsday? Wonder what this is all about? Our Beer Master referred to the current financial crisis and reminded us that we were drinking more beer and food was more dear…so as from the next run the cost per person would be Rs 1000 with a discount of Rs 850, let’s see, my trash abacus says that makes it…Rs 150 of sheer Ha$h Ca$h contribution! Claude the wrestler tried to disagree (as usual) with his bottle on his head but the power of the global recession has spoken….and inflation has finally hit the hash fan!

1 timer
José & Catherine
Lovenah (doesn’t she have the right name for today!)

2 timer
Yippppppeeeeeeeee! A whole crowd of them!

Sadly I did not get a chance to write all their names, only three volunteers were allowed to down our special welcome back beer…
And Angelina (coca cola!)

Make way!
Make way!
It’s time to welcome
Our naughty RA!

RA John was in ecstasy about St.Valentines day and was swooning about the reciprocal expression of love and appreciation between people…

1 ~ ~ LESLIE was roped in for the expressions on his t-shirt ~ for everything cultural and uncultured…as interpreted by our very cultured RA – Leslie loves MC (Marie Claude but the RA thought it was MC Hammer???)…Leslie loves other men (a picture of hashers in red dresses)…Leslie loves the mongoose (dodo …!) and flags of Scotland which we don’t need to explain. But the real target of RA John’s arrow was MARIE CLAUDE who only had flags of Scotland on her t-shirt (no flags for Leslie) and when she was asked WHY she explained because he was not a very nice man – oooh la la – so she had to down it as the ANTI LOVER who did not exhibit her undying love for her husband (and we all played the violin for Captain Nemo).

2 …2 weeks ago John gave a down-down to Mark for having new shoes….and today he was in the same original mood so he called LOVENAH to be punished for her new shoes…but there was a twist in his tale… Henriette had to down it again, this time for NOT TELLING him about the shoes whereas last time she had it for TELLING him. Henriette was visibly miffed at the Stallion for this and he made sure he was far from her beer trajectory.

As you all can see, there are no rules in RA John’s mishmanaged rulebook.
We don’t expect anything less from our RA than to always break his own rules.

The next sentiment on the RA‘s list ~ he told us that there was no greater love than the bond between a mother and a daughter……

3 ~ ISABELLE was called in for arriving unannounced in Mauritius without telling her mom, so PERRY had to share this punishment with his daughter because he was the one who ratted on her!

Valentine Prizes!
The RA wanted to auction off the heap of gifts but a few ladies almost strangled him so he handed out some goodies like a good boy ~

Amsi got a mini pirogue.
A tile (mosaic) from someone’s kitchen – to Marie Andree.
A “Fat Pussy” mirror – was handed to a “FAT CAT” Banker – BRIAN!!!!
A pair of decorated glasses for Pierre Andre.
A sea shell for Mr. Tuna Man (Evert) for always blowing his own trumpet.
A photo frame for Philida to put a picture of hubby Jean, giving RA John another opportunity to push Jean’s buttons!
Three art deco tropical plates to Marie France.
And last but not least…
A Marie Antoinette Doll (because her head fell off) – she was inflatable and therefore had to be given to our one and only favourite sexual deviant, CLAUDE!!!

GM Alan ruffled his feathers for the Raffle Prizes – and asked Tusia and Isa to call out the lucky treasure hunt numbers…loads of hashers got a prize and even doubles….. RA John also tried to disguise himself as a prize but no-one wanted him so he goofily gave up!

And now
Without further ado…
The moment has come
For our odourable SMELLY BLUE!!!

MARIE FRANCE decided that…for Valentine’s day…she wanted to give Smelly to someone SPECIAL, but her special person was absent…so she chose a nice looking man
(RA John JUMPED out of his box but ALAS! It wasn’t him!)
– it was our eligible new hasher SVEN who had to go down on his knees with the Smelly worn NEXT TO THE SKIN – and unwittingly took his VERY WET BEER SHOWER most courageously!

Wafts of delicious food smells were coming our way…so GM Alan rushed a few more announcements before setting us free on a munching spree.

Our next hare will be Pierre Andre, at DEVIL’S POINT or Pointe aux Diable – this promises to be a SMASHING hash so don’t miss it!

Our Trailmaster Dodocop is desperate to recruit more hares – please report for doses of exploration fun and join the hare trail!

Tusia had a message from our fellow hashers MARK and GOLDA – they waved us a big bye bye and went back to Israel – lots of hashy kisses to you both, it was great to have you here with us!

We were treated to a delicious cooked meal and lots of sweeties afterwards – thanks to everyone who contributed to our hash tummies and also to those of you who brought gifts ~ it was all very much appreciated.

Sending you all
a very big hash hug
a tight loving squeeze
from the trash love bug!

Big kisses and lovable valentine wishes ~ Zan – Your Edit Hare

The Hash Mish-Management Team
Supreme Being:Alan “Strong On”
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Deputy: Alan “Strong on”; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
Cellarmaster:Chris & Tess (beer-a-dor/labrador) & Deputy Bob
Hash Horn:Blob “Supremous Blobus”
Religious and Sex Advisor:Alistair
Ice Man:Dave H.
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Harold
Hash Market:Marie-Claude
Edit Hare:Zandré,
Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo (Tel. 453 9675) & Sarah as gourmet deputy

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