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Mauritius Hash Trash 331

25-02-2001 Goodlands Forest (??) #331

Special Thought

Brian Wright announced the very sad news that “Dial Tone” John Ford had passed away while in UK recently. A minute of silence was observed in his memory. Brian was asked to convey the condolences of our group to John’s wife and family.

The Hash as seen by Geeta Set in the “short, dry, flat” part of the island. Great setting against the backdrop of Lion Mountain. Etienne, Jackie & Bob made sure all the earthly hashers got lost and when finally they appeared, they looked like they just had a training session with the SMF ! The stream, cane fields, trees rocks and mud all added to the charm of this hash and I am sure all the hashers had a great time cleaning their shoes later. Thank you guys and lady for setting the hash where the foot of the hasher never trampled before. A special mention to “Sadam Habbibie” and Judy for providing the food – the onions were “fried” this time. First Timers Steve Thatcher who was “sold” the virtues of hashing by Geeta & Tome while in Athens together. Tuhina, Gaurav’s sister (so he says), who works for British Airways. As they say Tuhina, you can choose your friends but not your f…… Annie Sumodhee who lives in Mauritius and allowed herself to be convinced by Vidya that hashing is good for her health. Pere Noel, sorry Dr Noel who lives in Floreal. Second Timers Hans “Mastic Boy” Lomito’s Parents “Siggie” & “Mother Superior” Ian & Jean “Sextile” & “Mellow yellow” Simone “34D” They all made the mistake of coming back to the hash a second time and were awarded ‘down downs’. RA. Andreas seems to be all eyes and ears since he was appointed as RA. Nothing escapes him ! Here are a few of the down, downs awarded by him:

Keith “Curly Top” for being slightly late paying for his lunch.
Clarence (Trail Master) for being too competitive and warming up before the start of the hash.
Our RA set up an ‘ad hoc’ choir consisting of Anand, Blob, David, Geeta, Jackie, to sing the praises of two birthday boys; Lesley & Gaurav. Not a pleasant sound.
Garry was awarded a ‘loss of memory’ special award for loosing his memory, er, sorry, er, what was it he lost ? Oh yes, his telephone. He has to wear a special head warming plastic bucket on the next hash.
Anand & Alan for not checking out trails at a check point. Naughty boys.
Charlie for not even recognising a ‘X’
The hares, Etienne, Jackie & Bob, for marking most of the trail in a 4×4 (and getting stuck in rocks)

The New (Smelly ?) Toilet Seat Award (Replaces advantageously the Smelly Blue T Shirt) Awarded to RA for victimising his parents by bringing them to a hash a second time. RA however was quick to re-award it to Tony “Barnacle Bill” who suddenly decided to liven up the proceedings by giving the Master a bath in public. In his turn, Tony was subjected to a ‘supplicate down, down’ i.e., on his knees and in the mud. Foodline

28th March – Angie and Garry (if he remembers!) Hashline

28th March – Pat & Alan (their last in Mauritius)

8th April – Penny & Tony 22nd April – Sybille & Gilbert

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