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Mauritius Hash Trash 583

21-11-2010 Circonstance S.E. Jean Primrose #583

VENUE: Chebel

HARES: Jean and Gaetan

COOKS: Primerose

First timers:
we have six virgins today at the Hash, namely James, Juliette, Frank, Catherine, Pauline and Marc.

Second timers:
fortunately for the GM we welcome one second timer today, his name is Bookun alias the postman, he is to the second timer, down, down.

RA’s time:
Our dear RA has a little short story for us about Christmas.
In fact the story about Christmas talks about his grandson…David…So…his grandson went to see a special Santa, from Scotland.
Our Scottish Santa, as you all guess, wears a kilt with nothing underneath.
Little David is very shy and is asked from Santa “what do you want for Christmas my boy?” “I would like bagpipes” replies little David.
Santa answers that he is too young to have this kind of present. “Please”, says little David, “can’t I have small bagpipes for Christmas?”
“Ok, ok…” replies Santa. “What size would you like them to be?” asks Santa. “Oohhhhh” replies David, pointing out to underneath Santa’s kilt and says “extra small, exactly the size of those you have under your kilt….”. HAHAHAHAH LOL

Today’s running spot reminds the RA of another similar spot. Our RA gives down downs of remembrance to Dodocop and Philida respectively for having been the hare for the hash and the “rescued by helicopter” one. If you remember, Philida fell and broke her knee during that Hash! Celebration celebratory Down Downs, he is Dodocop and Philida.

People do very onerous things for religion. Let we greet two regular hashers who are so holy that they can pray everywhere, day and night, and anywhere in the world. Here’s to the pilgrims, Down Down to Bob and Jacky.

Back to the GM, none of you, hashers, met my wife! Because she hates the Hash!
We have today someone who also hates the Hash and her spouse (like my wife), who is a regular hasher! He is to the prodigal Marianne (David’s wife)…Down down madam.

One last special award given by the GM to Beverly who recently participated with him in a 10 Km run and won a medal.
Congratulatory Down Down to the athlete…oops the circle asks for the GM to receive this special Down Down too…He is to the hashletes…
Hash Hostage:
Today’s hash hostage who for two consecutive hashs was the hash hostage (last time he forgot to wear the cowbell, this time he forgot it and says that it was his wife’s fault)…Down Down to Harold and Adrianne the hopeless twins… Finally, to close today’s ceremonial…the GM thanks Primerose for the food and welcomes back Olivier (me), the hash scribe.
He also mentions that the tickets for the red dress party scheduled for the 18 December are on sale at Rs. 400 for the regular hashers and Rs 600 for non-regular hashers and others. Next hash (5 Dec): Not far from Curepipe Hares: Tusha and Perry Food: Philida Olivier   The Hash Mish-Management Team Office The 2010 / 2011 team Supreme Being: John Cabrelli Hare Line + Trailmasters: Pierre-André (Deputy: Jean) Cellarmaster: Rob / Gilbert Hash Horn: ?? (Where is the horn) ?? Religious and Sex Advisor: Leslie Ice Maiden: Gaetan Ha$h Ca$h: Thierry (Deputy: Henriette) Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids: Harold Hash Market: Juliette Edit Hare: Olivier (Deputy: John) Kitchen Mistress: Philida (Phone: 492 0609)

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