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Mauritius Hash Trash 587

16-01-2011 Mare aux Vacoas Mireille & Etienne Philida #587

VENUE: Mar aux Vacoas

HARES: Mireille and Etienne

COOKS: None (BringYourOwn)

GM: John

RA: Captain Nimmo

Number of Hashers: 33

Today’s run around the Mare aux Vacoas reservoir made us realise how dramatic was the drought situation in Mauritius.
The trail was great and we were lucky to have a beautiful walk in the forest of Plaine Sophie.

JOHN THE BAPTIST our dear GM asked the hares to circle up at 1 pm.

He thanked the hashers for participating to this hash and asked them: HOW WAS TODAY’s HASH? Great replied the circle even though people got lost and others (only one) did all the bad checks.. .For that, the hares deserve a special DOWN DOWN. He is to the hares…

Moreover, our GM gave a lesson to Etienne, our hare, about the bad check convention…which convention he forgot when setting the trail. Punishment DOWN DOWN to Etienne.

8 new comers at the hash today namely Deah, Sheila, David, Keith, Neil, Nick and Mary. Welcome to the hash virgins.

2 second timers today namely Summer (Delinda & Ryan’s babygirl) and Christelle.

Careful hashers, it’s RA’s time now…

As usual, our RA shared a little funny story with the circle about two irish hashers, Paddy 1 and Paddy 2 and their “facking” black and white pigs.

Back to the GM
We always encourage people to be hares. Today, we a have a hasher, who didn’t do the trail but yet he wore a t-shirt mentioning that he hare. What a shame! Down down to Gaetan the non-hare…

Belgium is a funny country with funny people, for instance there is a hasher, over and above our hare today, who doesnot make the difference between a runner’s trail and a walker’s trail…Down down to Etienne…

One hasher went through surgery some time ago and is now a new man…a bionic man. Down Down to Gilbert the bionic hasher.

A holocaust happened today, one hasher fell onto cabbages…At every hash, there is something happening to him. Down Down to Val the cabbage destroyer

Sad news today, Rob and Edwina, two of our devoted hashers will be leaving Mauritius next week.
We wish you goodbye and the best in your endeavours. You will both miss us loads.

A final word about the food: The circle was put to the vote and had to decide whether food would still be provided or opt for bring your own food formula.
By a majority, the circle voted for bring your own food formula. Hence the price to participate will now be Rs. 100. No food will be provided.



The Hash Mish-Management Team
OfficeThe 2010 / 2011 team
Supreme Being:John Cabrelli
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Pierre-André (Deputy: Jean)
Cellarmaster:Rob / Gilbert
Hash Horn:?? (Where is the horn) ??
Religious and Sex Advisor:Leslie
Ice Maiden:Gaetan
Ha$h Ca$h:Thierry (Deputy: Henriette)
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Harold
Hash Market:Juliette
Edit Hare:Olivier (Deputy: John)
Kitchen Mistress:Philida (Phone: 492 0609)

Mauritius Hash House Harriers. We run (walk) every second Sunday at 10 a.m.

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