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Mauritius Hash Trash 298

10-10-1999 Le Morne (camping) John And #298

I would like to welcome all the visitors and first timers.

My thanks also to all the Hashers who persevered and braved the almost cyclonic winds to come camping…!! I have never camped in a wind like that…!! I will try to plan better weather for the next one…!! Despite the weather, I think a good time was had by all…??!!

Some thought the Hash run was a little short…??!! It was plenty long enough for me… Thanks to “John” and “Knit” for their help setting the Hash… “Shorty” and Julliet Colbert for the Hash FOOOOD and the birthday cake for the visiting Viking… Thanks all the Lumberjacks who got all the wood to keep everyone warm on Saturday night…!! Thanks also to “Ice Maidens” and “Cellar masters” and of course stand in “Edit Alan”…!! THE MILLENNIUM NEW YEARS EVE PARTY IS ON…!! THE COUNTDOWN HAS STARTED…!!

We have premises… the cost will be approx. RS 1,000.00 per person… and will include: MUSIC & DANCING TILL DAWN…!! A Five course Dinner, Champagne, Red wine, White wine, Beer, Soft drinks. Bring your own “Spirits” and “Fire works” .


Smoked Marlin platter

Prawns & Palm heart

Spit Roast Lamb

Ratatouille Poiki

Rice & Apricot Pilaf

Mixed Salad

Fruit Salad & Cream

Cheese Platter


We need a minimum of 30 people to make this evening work… If you want to stay the night to avoid having to drive, take a tent and breakfast. This is subject to improvements between now and New Year… Confirmed Bookings by the next Hash please… and Payment by the 30th October… There will also be a Lucky Raffle Draw on the Night. PRIZES..!! PRIZES…!! PRIZES…!! PRIZES…!!



Dont forget our “300” Hash coming up soon…!! ON ON
Supremous Blobus

First Hash

A whole bevy this week including a gang of marauding Viking Hashers from Copenhagen; Reshmee from Rose Hill; a mate of ‘Geldof’ Tumblety; a Bok from Black River and Nicol from Germany. Stand-in Edit Hare apologises to anyone not mentioned, he was upwind and is a bit hard of hearing in his old age. See some of you at least at the next one.

Second Hash

No Second Timers! Geeta suggested it was a Hash rule (!) that the Supremes take a Down Down in these circumstances. Whilst Blobus took the Down Down with relish (and tomato sauce), Geeta had to be forcefully reminded that there is only one rule – never wash the Smelly Blue T’shirt (or bathe in it, or drop it in the sea etc, etc).

Religious Advisor

Our R.A. shocked the gathered Hashers by the complete absence of Jimmie from his diatribe! It is worrying when a Scotsman forgets his traditional characters as it suggests he is becoming absorbed into the local culture, especially when raving about four Mauritians enjoying Happy Hour at Labourdonnais!

Car on a bit of wood Award went to the latest TATA owner, Lord Russell. The natty pair of new shorts helped.

Happy Hashers Award

The useless shiny thing went to NEARLY weds Geeta and Tom. Seems to be a habit now – Hashers planning to get married just to get the Award.

Children’s Award

Jay left it at home! Let’s have it back next Hash Jay.

Fashion Award

Two lucky recipients – Queen of Denmark for the matching hat and tee shirt and to …. Oh dear he is hard of hearing ….. someone else for sexy shorts.

Smelly Blue T-Shirt

While there was much support for giving this to Geeta for her total lack of knowledge about the absence of Hash rules, Dave decided against this. His first inclination was that it should be given to one of the beautiful young ladies present in the forlorn hope that she would disrobe her own tee shirt to don the Smelly Blue. In the end he gave it to someone who is selling off the family silver in Mauritius. To ‘Wanker the Banker ‘ Richard for trying to privatise M.T. and reduce our internet charges (some hope). He took it like a man with a Fanta!!!

Gay Singles

Ben finally plucked up the courage to return the furry fella and awarded it to the man who comes to every Hash and never brings his wife! Plus for publicly looking down Cupid’s rubber underpants. Well earned Blobus.

Special Down Downs

To Lost Luggage for coming back again; Lost Cause for trailing in last again with two teenage female companions; and, The King and Queen of Denmark.

Hash Business

Thank you for all that great food Juliette & David!!!

Rodrigues Hash

For various reasons, the Rodrigues Hash has been cancelled. All concerned please contact Leslie direct for a refund.

Next Hash

#299, 24 Oct, 1000 hrs –

Hares : Barnacle Bill and Penny Farthing

Meet up on beach at British High Commission campement, Pointe aux Cannoniers (bring cossies if you wish). Directions :

Coming from the South head for Grand Bay. Follow the motorway until you get to Triolet/Grand Bay roundabout: turn left in direction Triolet. Follow road for 1km and turn sharp right after sign to Cannoniers Point. Follow this winding road, passing Total garage on right. Carry straight on (past turn off to Trou aux Biches). At roundabout (Persand Royal Shop on your right) take first option to Club Med and Hotel Le Cannonier. Go 50 metres past hotels and follow sign to ‘Cannoniers Point’. With SeaPoint Bungalows in front of you follow road as it bends to right (look for Hash signs). Follow this small coast road for 600 metres and look for green metal gates (with Union Jack flag on!). Park on right hand side of road and walk through gates to garden and beach. (NB. Main roads to cross and hard tarmac for some of the route may make it not too suitable for dogs).

Hare Line

Hash #300, 07 Nov – ?????

Food Line

Hash #299, 24 Oct – Someone volunteered ……

Diary Dates

Reunion Island Hash 19 – 21 November

Hash #300 will be on 07 November

Super New Year Hash Bash – 31 Dec

Special Event

Sunday, 17 October there will be a walk up Le Pousse. All happy hikers meet at the Gymkhana Club at 0800 for tea and coffee and bus to Moka, walk up Le Pousse and return by bus from Champs de Mars at 1600. Cost with packed lunch will be Rs150. Transport only will be Rs70.

 Personality Profile of a self proclaimed boring git

I have to admit to being a bit of a Hash dilettante – I’ve hashed in Pakistan, Kiribati and the UK as well as Mauritius, but never long enough, until now, to be given a Hash name (a somewhat mixed blessing in this case, though my wife will probably swear to its accuracy, when she stops laughing). Despite the Dar es Salaam 500th Hash T-shirt I never ran, but got that by playing in the band for the party after.

I’ve been in Mauritius (off and on) since April and expect to be here (on and off) till next April. I won’t mention what I’m doing here since that’s what got me the Smelly Blue T-shirt in the first place (an honour for which I am duly grateful……not).

 I have a (part time as they stay in the UK) family, Arlene (Hash name “Snow White”), Simone (9) and Nathan (5). They will hopefully be on the next Hash as they are coming out for half term.

Previously I’ve lived in St Vincent and Tanzania as well as ligging around the world as a consultant with Maxwell Stamp plc and KPMG. Nowadays, apart from playing a mean guitar I also have a real job (or is it the other way round?), as an investment banker with CIBC World Markets. Richard ‘Wanker the Banker’ Kupisz _______________________________________________________________   Words from a departing Hasher

Dear Hash Hare,

Just a short note to tell you that I have been recalled to UK. I will be back one day soon, but I just want to thank you and everyone else in the Hash for the friendship shown to me during my stay in Mauritius, especially to Blob, Kevin, Allan, Keith etc etc etc.

You really are a super bunch of people.

Someone here in UK has turned the outside aircon on. It’s lovely and sunny but would do nasty things to a brass monkey.


Jim Featherstone (Pisshead)


Supreme Beings: Latimer (6963815) & Kevin Murray (2835534) Trailmaster: Lord Russell Cellarmaster: Julie & John Hash Horn: Yves “BoogieWoogie” Robert Fashion Advisor: Sylvia Religious Advisor/Sex Councillor: Leslie Nimno Barbecue Bearer: David ‘Shortie’ Colbert Ice Maiden: Dagmar Neubacher Ha$h Ca$h: David ‘Shortie’ Colbert Drinks for Wimps and Kids: Julie & John Bangers and Hash: Reverse Alphabet Hash Market: Bob Tumblety Web Meister: Alan Oliphant Edit-Hare: Wendy Austin (6257399)

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