Mauritius Hash Trash 374

03-11-2002 La Cambuse (camping) Blob & Little John #374

Blob & Little John

La Cambuse – Camping.

Christian Grantke from Germany
Samer Kouacs from South Africa

Second Timers:
Phil and Irene, Carl, Melanie and Marcus from Australia
Goldwing from Germany

Sandip Baguant

On On:
Camping from Friday evening until Monday !
A superb site right on the sea front with a grassy area for the tents. A light sea breeze and a superb bay to swim in. The owners of the site (Mon Tresor S.E.) provided a tank of water and even a “Ladies” for those who don’t like having their nether regions tickled by grass.

Hares Front and Centre: Not a bad Hash ! Short, flat and dry (Really). Just what was needed after a camping night and all that accompanies a camping night!!
One big hiccup: The beer arrived OK, so did the cool-boxes but NO ICE for our beer. Gilbert was quickly despatched to look for the vital ingredient which turned out to be a difficult task on account of the public holidays. The run finished and still no ice ! It finally arrived and then we had to wait while the beer cooled down. Beer was finally available at about 1pm but it was worth waiting for !

RA’s Down’s Down’s: (Leslie stood in as Alan was not available)
*Perry – for making a very undignified entry into the sea after the run.
*Claude for riding a bicycle on the “run”.
*Clarence – for setting a false Hash or something.

Smelly Blue T Shirt:
Still in Geeta’s possession. What on Earth is she doing with it??

Children’s Award:
Awarded to Marcus Wright

The formalities ended with a rendition of “Swing low, sweet chariot” with full animation and a silent last verse.

Hash Food:
A big Thank You to Clarence (and family) for the generous dholl pourris and curry. Great fun eating with the fingers!

Scribe, Brenda – On On !!!

Next Hash:
Date: 17th November 2002.
Hare: Keith Lane (it may be his last Hash in Mauritius)
Venue: Flic en Flacq area (Domaine Anna).
Food: Rosemary
Directions to next Hash to be held at 10 am on 17th November 2002.
Hare: Keith “Curly Top”

Take the A3 Port Louis to Tamarin road.
Turn onto the B2 road towards Flic en Flac, measure 1.3 km from the A3 junction.
Turn right, signposted “Domaine Anna” (1.7 km before Flic en Flac).
Follow the Hash signs.

Supreme Beings:Dave “Shorty” Colbert & Geeta “Tinkerbel” Gopal
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on” Grihault & Charlie “Scrungebucket” Scrimgeour
Cellarmaster:John “Big John” Maddock
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:Alan “Strong on” Grihault; deputy Eric “Hot-dog” Maard
Barbecue Bearer:Dave “Shorty” Colbert
Ice Maiden:Pieter “Long Zip” Attig
Ha$h Ca$h:Tom & Geeta “Tinkerbel”
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Bob & Jackie “J & B” Russell
Hash Market:Juliette “Snow White” Colbert
Edit Hare:Sara “Coffee mate” Grihault
Webmaster:Bob Russell

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