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Mauritius Hash Trash 495

17-06-2007 Medine Harold & Adrienne #495

Venue :    Medine

Hares : Harold and Adrienne

Today’s HASH was a superb happening of “COOL RUNNINGS” … we found ourselves next to a babbling brook, it was wonderfully overcast and the trail was great, straight, flat and slightly longer than the 6km the hares measured … with a splendid rocks-on-the-seashore mixed in for extra fun and dazzling views.

Our Supremous Blobus was missing today … hunting hares on the higher grounds while his less furry hares were hunting for missing blobs of flour down in the valleys below, but thanks to our Trailmaster SIR Alan Strong-a-lot ( who should never be mistaken for Sir Lancelot) the hashers of the round circle didn’t miss a beat … and we had a quite civilised, short and sweet circle because the briani was getting cold (never mind the myth about the road to a man’s heart is through his stomach … the road to a hasher heart is definitely through the belly, not forgetting to take a shortcut at the Beer stop!!!)

So our GM in disguise started by thanking everybody for their valuable contribution in making our paradise hash so special.


  • Our Cellar Master / Beer Bearer Dave and Juliette who came all the way from the north to save the hashers from thirst by dropping off THE BEER en route to the airport … here’s to the Airport Marathon Hares … they’re so blue … they are hashers through and through … ooooooh sorry I’m getting a bit carried away
  • Our Soft-Drinks-for-Wimps-&-Kids – TEAM Jean and Philida …
  • All the COOKS … .. .for contributing on rotation to the wellbeing of our hash-appetites every time
  • Our BARLADIES!!! Agnelle, Stacey and Laeticia, always ready to pour those down-downs
  • All the HARES … especially today’s hares, yes, it is definitely NOT EASY to set a hash, it takes courage, planning, getting lost, losing flour, losing your marbles, losing track of time, losing time and losing the track!!!!! All to keep up the pace of this RUNNING PROBLEM that everybody seems to have.

1 st Timers:  Sylvio (Mru)

2 nd timers: Mark and Golda (Russia/Israel)

Helen and Bruno (Mru)

Beatrice (Mru)


Our RA was struck by a silent stick.

But only for a second, he soon got his third breath and pulled out another slam from his Poetic Gems Travelling Suitcase:

Down in the Valley

Not far from here

Lies a little village

That I hold dear …

People are sleepy

In the heat of the noon

But they will begin to hurry soon

For if they don’t …

They will die

Due to the effect

Of a nuclear bomb

Dropped from the sky

Oooh la la what happened here …

did he have too much beer?

Or did he get punctured

By a Nostradamus spear?

Seems like

Your edit hare

Has been snagged by

A poetic snare.


Claudia, Francois, Adrienne, Primrose and Sebastian were jointly accused of HIGH-TECH SINS … .. .giving away the hash-route via mobile phone … .. getting picked up half-way to the finishing line by hashers-a-la-voiture … … so they were punished by having to down their share of precious BEER  analogue-itally  instead of digitally … eh? (And I could not find these strange words anywhere in any dictionary – and isn’t Italy spelt with only one L?) Oh Oh I wonder what was in my beer, don’t listen to me talking nonsense! Thinking makes my brain hurt!!!! OUCH!

Our RA’s list of miserable sinners was brutally cut short by the earlier mentioned BRIANI BELLY CLUB who announced the grub was getting cold … … . soooooooooo

great stuff, the rest of the sinners were saved and there was more beer left for the rest of us.

Appreciations to Leslie and Marie-Claude for a scrumptious briani feast … .. smashing cooking … tasty, tempting, toothsome … yummy.

 Jean is our next hare … .. wish and wonder where we will be whisked off next on the wonderful wide frontiers of our wild tropical wilderness!

Try saying this wery fast after a few beers and see what happens!

Illustration of our WILD HASH Whilosophy, courtesy of Captain Nemo.

Marie-Jo will be tickling our taste-buds at our next encounter of culinary bliss.

But before I go … … I have a very important message to convey from the pen of the Grand Master himself:



You have been working overtime, The Web site is looking great, Photos easy to find, I am very impressed at the speed you got the latest Photos on line.

I am sure all the Hashers and Visitors will be as happy as I am…!!

Well done and Thanks again for the good work…


Supremous Blobus

DOUBLE WOW – praise from our Grandiosus Maximus is praise indeed.

We would also like to welcome our newest and youngest member of the HASH … little baby Noa was dropped off by Madame HASH-STORK on the 20th of June, congratulations to his budding parents Veronique and Pierre-Andre’, we can’t wait to meet him.

Congratulations to Bob Russell celebrating the big BD on the 22nd of June … Hey BOB we miss you and Jacqui lots and lots, please come back to HASH with us soon, I am so happy to see that Jacqui is doing so well – and know that she will be leading all the short cutters again in no time … not to mention the Smelley Blue must have started to grow somewhere in your garden!

Well folks, that is all from your HHH News desk, but not to worry, we will keep you informed, uniformed and uninformed all at the same time.

Until next time … …

Mark your calendars for the last weekend of August 2007 … the infamous SIR R.U.N. 500 is slowly crawling closer (you see he is a bitter-ender hasher with too much beer in his belly and many bees in his bonnet but a never-giver-upper) – can’t wait to meet the dude.

So join us again soon and see you all next time!

Your edit hare

The Hash Mish-Management Team
Supreme Being:BLOB who is a multitasker and will still be blowing the HASH HORN
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on” Grihault; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
Deputy: Gilbert “Dodocop” Leste; Tel: (M)910 4062
Cellarmaster and Barbecue Bearer:DAVE “Shorty” COLBERT
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious and Sex Advisor:Peter Wallwin (Malignant Growth) and we are still looking for another volunteer for the times when Peter is somewhere else on the planet downing someone else’s beers!
Ice Man:Dave
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette Decotter
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Jean and Philidia Ramiah
Hash Market:Marie-André Boullé
Edit Hare:Zandré Wallwin ,
Stand-in:Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Webmasters:Rey Joseph and / or
Bob Russell (
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo Constantin (Tel. 453 9675)

little joe   Coming next …

Receding Hareline
Trailmaster – Alan
Advancing Foodline
Kitchen Mistress – Marie Jo
DateRun No.HaresOn-OnCooks
1st July496Jean and Harry  
15th July497Rosemarie and Jacques  
29th July498Dodocop and AlanReduit 
12th Aug499Gilbert Dodocop  
25th (Sat) Aug500BlobLa Cambuse Camp 

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