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Mauritius Hash Trash 497

15-07-2007 Mon Tresor Mon Desert Jacques & Rosemary #497

Venue :  Mon Tresor Mon Desert

Hares :  Jacques and Rosemarie

Our 2 hares promised that today’s trail was going to be SHORT, FLAT and DRY  BUT alas!!! They got the short part of it a bit WRONG.

This is getting VERY INTERESTING.

Fabulous sea views…..the trail meandered through uncharted territory over flowing streams, through sugar-cane crops (just for a change … we NEVER go through sugar-cane crops in Mauritius! ho no no) and forest-like plantation (hey did any of you notice those HUGE SPIDERS?)

Arachnophobia my foot! I almost had a speed-wobble.

We also passed an interesting rock structure in the road which reminded our Grandiloquent Maximiliant of the STONEHENGE.

Onto the beaches! Into the fields! We will never surrender!

So off we all went like a stripe of ants…… which reminds me of those naughty ants who ate all Rosemarie’s flour blobs!

Phew! Getting back to base was a huge sigh of DRY THROAT RELIEF, an oasis, an idyllic mesmerising unique setting for our INFAMOUS RENDEZVOUZ of the


Talking about CIRCLES…our RA was circling around our GM trying to intimidate him

(intimidate the GM? Now that’s a dangerous thing to do…) and he was lucky that Martin didn’t order Roxy to nibble him! As for the dogs and their owners … today we had a dog who is a Sausage by name and a dog who is a sausage by nature! Wooooof!

1 st Timers:  Anna and Saskia (Switzerland)

Karen (Mru) 

2 nd timers:  Bertrand (Mru)

Giselle and David (Mru)  

Oh thank goodness meritorious for that, our GM was very relieved. Not that he ever minds to down a beer!

Our worshipful honorary Trailmaster was dragged back into the circle…after he was under the impression that he had been banned…and appeared in full apparel, with his Dodologistic t-shirt and walking stick which doubles as a magic wand to identify all the transgressors and put them down on their knees and make them beg for mercy…

 Down – downs 

Last hash our RA was BORING … and today he decided to become even more BORING so someone would volunteer to be Rent-an RA to save the round circle from beer decay……

So all the RA -Volunteers that didn’t show up – where RA you?

Ray, Leslie, Kevin and Gilberte, get down on it!

Here’s to the buggers, they are blue … and wet and sticky after being attacked by the bar ladies with showering beer-bottles.

Jacques, our half hare – was punished for the gruelling 9km trail and trying to suggest the RA take an ECG oooooooops…..

Rosemarie….our better half-hare – was found extremely guilty AND she had something to do with the “Rosemarie Scale” i.e. the

Rs’s Hash Rales …..meaning that on a scale of 1-13 where would today’s hash be rated?

1:  extra large BORING 

13:  super grande emergency intervention of helicopters and police for wounded hashers)

Soooooooo it was unanimously decided that today scored a whacking 8 on the Hash scale! (I would have added 2 extra points for the spiders but there you go, nobody ever listens to me!)

REY – aaah our popular scoundrel! He deserved his down-down by putting MISLEADING photos on the cover of the hash-album……daring to reveal the true nature of the island-hasher…ho ho ho – showing how a blue-blooded hasher should enjoy life! Beer in one hand and cigar in the other. Oh well you know what they say about men who don’t drink and don’t smoke….

The moment has come……that we’ve all been waiting for with   ancipitation

What did you think? It’s only the smelliest of bloooooooooooooooss

Sing a song Blue with me……

Smelly Smelly Blue, everybody knows one…

Smelly Smelly Blue, every garden grows one…

A-HA! Who will have the rare honour of inheriting this status-symbol … Harry decided it should be…… RAY – WHO? RAY? … HOO-RAY!

Well done laddie, this time you still got it for WEB DEEDS, and we all think you are doing a GREAT job on that web

(Oh jeepers creepers don’t remind me of those SPIDERS again!) – and we thought you needed a beer-treatment and TLC … Tenderizing Liquor Cascade!

In other words…..another beer-shower. No wonder everybody is so happy, sticky and stinky today.

Remember remember…
what is it
about the Smelly Blue
that no hasher
is allowed to do?

Thanks to Marie-Andre who cooked up a storm at the last minute, nobody went hungry and there were even seconds …and Henriette’s cookies were superlicious!

Our next kitchen-hares will be Harold and Adrienne >

The next Hash will be set by none other than our Timeless Trailmaster Alan and his Deputy – Gilberte our Dazzling Dodocop….somewhere in the vicinity of TWO ARMS or even translated DEUX BRAS.

Wow, it promises to be a spectacular mis-hash and cannot be missed!

  PSSSS…. Here is some gossip about that famous Sir R.U.N. 500 …

He told me to tell you to get your tents ready!

You have been HASHED!
You have been TRASHED!
So until next time
Be Good
Be Passionate
Be Memorable
Be Unforgettable

Bye bye

Sorry dudes….all my hares ran away PLUS I am having a BAD HAIR DAY!


The Hash Mish-Management Team
Supreme Being:BLOB who is a multitasker and will still be blowing the HASH HORN
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on” Grihault; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
Deputy: Gilbert “Dodocop” Leste; Tel: (M)910 4062
Cellarmaster and Barbecue Bearer:DAVE “Shorty” COLBERT
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious and Sex Advisor:Peter Wallwin (Malignant Growth) and we are still looking for another volunteer for the times when Peter is somewhere else on the planet downing someone else’s beers!
Ice Man:Dave
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette Decotter
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Jean and Philidia Ramiah
Hash Market:Marie-André Boullé
Edit Hare:Zandré Wallwin ,
Stand-in:Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Webmasters:Rey Joseph and / or
Bob Russell (
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo Constantin (Tel. 453 9675)

little joe   Coming next …

Receding Hareline
Trailmaster – Alan
Advancing Foodline
Kitchen Mistress – Marie Jo
DateRun No.HaresOn-OnCooks
29th July498Dodocop and AlanReduitHarold and Adrienne
12th Aug499Martin  
25th (Sat) Aug500Captain Nimmo/Marie ClaudeLa Cambuse Camp 
9th Sept501David and Juliette ?  


beer animbier
1. Volunteers for setting Hashes are invited to contact the Trail Master:
Alan ‘Strong On’ Grihault on 675 0365 (H) or 790 9782 (M).

2. Would hashers please note that there is a deposit ( money ! ) on glass bottles (beer, softies). Please put them in the crates, do not loose them or take them home !

3. There is an alternative “Sunset Hash” once every 4 weeks. It is held at 4pm, Saturdays on weekends which do not coincide with this Sunday Hash).

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