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Mauritius Hash Trash 339

17-06-2001 Les Mariannes Clarence #339

Held at Les Mariannes near Nouvelle Decouverte
Present:- About 30 odd Distance covered: Quite a short one
Rivers crossed:- None
Buildings escalated:- None
Report:- Short, (very short), a little hilly and dry.
The run started up a steepish trail but, as soon as everyone was puffing nicely, it all came to an end and we were sent off across a couple of fields of pine-apples, position annanas as Geeta explained. Those in need of extra exercise stayed behind after the official proceedings and climbed the local mountain but this is another story. Most of the ‘runners’ came back with a good collection of scratches after walking through the pine-apples. Unfortunately there were no ripe fruit to compensate.

First Timers :
Brenda and John Maddock

Second Timers:
Klaudia Callot: Now to be known as: Klaudia – Cardinale
Bernard – St Bernard HM (Hash Master, not His Majesty)

Religious Advisor
Clarence was awarded a down down – given through the funnel – for laughing at the hashers going up the hill .
Beverley was officially rechristened ‘Mama’.
Down downs were generously awarded to the following:
Clarence for shortcutting his own trail.
Clarence for being the worst hare in history.
Tony for not having his bugle.
Tinkerbell for explaining a new language for expats – ” position Ananas” ????
Anand for breaking the stem of a freshly cut pineapple and showing ‘ a nice place to park a bicycle’ !!!!!!!

SPECIAL THANK-YOU’S To all who worked to make the hash a success i.e. beer, ice, food (lots of it), hash trash, hash cash, softies, hares etc.

SPECIAL MESSAGE Below is a letter and poem which have been received from the widow of our regretted hasher John Ford “Dial Tone” Sorry for the delay in sending it.

HASH LINE #340 1 July – Alan
FOOD LINE #340 1 July – Vidya

DIRECTIONS TO NEXT HASH, NUMBER 340 ON 1st July From Alan (“Strong On”) and Sara Grihault (CoffeeMate): Head for the airport. At the last roundabout just befor entering the airport, take second outlet towards Chandrani Hotel. After about 1km, turn right towards Mon Tresor Mon Desert sugar mill. At next halt sign, continue straight on and follow the main road to the factory. Continue through the factory area and carry on towards the Camaron Hatchery. You will soon see Hash signs.

53 St Albans Road,
Essex C03 3JQ, UK
18th April 2001

Dear Hashers
I am so sorry that I haven’t written before now to thank you all so much for the messages of sympathy and the beautiful wreath that you sent in John’s memory. It was so good to know that you were thinking of my family and myself at such a tragic time. We are so grateful to know that John enjoyed your company and the comradeship of the Hashers while he was working away from us, his family, in Mauritius.
John spoke about the Hash with such enthusiasm, I know that he loved every minute of each run, the ceremonies, the jokes and not forgetting the wonderful food and beer. I attended one meeting whilst on holiday with John in Mauritius when it poured cats and dogs, even that, didn’t seem to dampen your spirits. I was so impressed on how welcome you made me feel even though I didn’t run and I had never met you before.
You Hashers are such a godsend to anyone who may feel homesick or just in need of good exercise, fun or just excellent company. My family and I were really moved to hear that you held a two-minute silence for John (Dial Tone). I am sure he was up there watching and felt very privileged indeed.
I wonder if Blob would be so kind and read out this poem that I have written at the next meeting, preferably with Hashers holding beer in hand.
Thank you kind Hashers once more for taking John into your pack, and making him feel so welcome, I will be forever grateful to you.
Kind regards to you all
(signed) Margaret Ford


You are Hashers through and through
You run ’cause it’s fun and you’ve nothing else to do
I raise my glass to Hashers you and you and you
Your welcome is tremendous and your spirit is too
You are Hashers your mission is clear
You run for the food but most of all, the beer
Dial tone’s still a Hasher, through and through
Never to forget he’s beat the likes of you
He is looking down upon you, and smiling full of glee
Because he’s first again to get there, that FRB. On, On

Supreme Beings:Blob Latimer (6963815) & Kevin Murray (2547074)
Trailmaster:Clarence Babet
Cellarmaster:Tony ‘Barnacle Bill’ Ward
Hash Horn:Tony ‘Barnacle Bill’ Ward
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:Andreas Lohmier, deputy ‘Barnacle Bill’
Barbecue Bearer:Dave ‘Shorty’ Colbert
Ice Maiden:Peter Attig
Ha$h Ca$h:Tom & Geeta
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Lord & Lady Russell
Hash Market:Dave ‘Shorty’ Colbert & Juliette ‘Snow White’
Edit Hare:Bob Russell at present

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