Mauritius Hash Trash 333

25-03-2001 Camp Pecheur, Grse Pat / Alan / Clarence #333

The Hash as experienced by Judy
A good hash run in a tea plantation (makes a change from sugar cane). Not as muddy as expected and quite flat. Didn’t hear any complaints at all ! In fact everyone wanted to run and there was no volunteer for “key lady” or rather “guardian of the beer”. Blob finally and reluctantly accepted to keep an eye on the vital liquid while we were all working up a thirst. The course started with a run around the manager’s house. He was heard enquiring what we were up to and if we were part of the Curepipe CID. Our master consoled him and advised that nothing was further from the truth and that we were all tea addicts out on a tea leaf picking spree ! He seemed to relax after that.
A new stock of ‘T’ shirts was finally available, together with shorts. Sales went swiftly. What a relief, we can now purchase a new stock of beer !
First Timers Malcolm Logan – Over for a job interview. (Doesn’t know if he will be back !)
Second Timers Daniel Noel “Handle me”
Special down down To the hares – for a rather good hash in a new location
RA. Punishment for sinners
“Sock sucker” for peeing on the trail
James for the same “sin”
Saddam, John, Garry – for coming late or paying late.
“Flasher” & “Shagwell” – for, I don’t remember why, (maybe for ‘flashing’ and ……).
They invited us all to visit them in Moldova (You still don’t know where it is ??). They awarded a ‘T’ shirt to “Hotpants” and were in turn awarded a down down. Shagwell took it like you would expect but Flasher decided to shampoo his hair with the precious liquid.
Garry – for becoming more and more forgetful and loosing his telephone again. He also lost his shoe.
Some lost property was then displayed. A ‘Boss’ cap. No claim; Another hat – Saddam fancied it and was presented with it after the formality of a down down. A nice pair of smelly blue underpants. Returned to Nick who had left them at RA’s house. Returned to him on condition that he take a down down filtered through them. This he did willingly.
The New Smelly Toilet Seat Award. Competition was hot for this precious honour. Three candidates were lined up and the ‘crowd’ were asked to choose between Sadam (always in the news), Nick (looses his intimate things) and Garry (looses all sorts of things). The choice went to Nick.
Other matters The Hash will enter a swimming team in a fund raising event at Gymkhana Club next month (we can’t run, maybe we can do better at swimming !) A team of ten was almost completed but anyone interested to join in should contact Saddam (Email: who is the captain.
For those who were not present last time – The ‘contribution’ is now Rs 75 per adult ( free for the under 12 year olds). Please pay upon arrival.
22nd April – Sybille & Gilbert
6th May – Saddam & McSaddam
22nd April – Sybille, Gilbert & Etienne
6th May – Kevin
Next Hash – Directions
Mountain La Selle – Hares Gilbert, Sybille, Etienne
Take the Southern Freeway. At the Curepipe/Quartier Militaire roundabout, turn towards Quartier Militaire. Drive for approximately 1,5 kms, then turn right at the indication SSR Medical College. Drive for another 2,5 kms, then turn left at the indication Dubreuil Tea Factory. After another 1,5 kms, there is a diversion to La Pipe, turn right, follow this road until you see hash signs. Mosquitoes and mud guaranteed, so be equipped.

Supreme Beings:
Blob Latimer (6963815) & Kevin Murray (2547074)
Clarence Babet
Tony ‘Barnacle Bill’ Ward
Hash Horn:
Tony ‘Barnacle Bill’ Ward
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:
Andreas Lohmier, deputy ‘Barnacle Bill’
Barbecue Bearer:
Dave ‘Shorty’ Colbert
Ice Maiden:
Peter Attig
Ha$h Ca$h:
Tom & Geeta
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:
Lord & Lady Russell
Hash Market:
Dave ‘Shorty’ Colbert & Juliette ‘Snow White’
Edit Hare:
Bob Russell at present

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