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287 Hash Trash

09-05-1999 Black River (camping) Yves Robert 287

Supreme Rambles

Welcome to the new Hashers…!! Hope to see you back again at the next one…??
Get well soon Ian…!! He crashed his car going home from the Hash… a broken Leg & Arm but is OK…!! I guess he won’t be running for some

I apologise if this is a bit short but I am still “Hung over” from Saturday night…!! ” NEVER MIX BEER – TEQUILA – WINE & NAVY RUM…!! it hurts…!!

A great spot for a Camping Hash, a shame that the Landowner was such an ***hole…!! We were not allowed to run on any of his land including the sugar fields… That was why it was such a short run.

A good turnout for the Camp on Saturday 7 Tents…!! A load of non-campers came down for the evening Camp fire BBQ… and a good
evening was had by all… I think, from 10 o’clock I don’t remember a thing…!!

Well done Yves “Boggy Woogy” & Genevieve Robert and Clarence ” The Lion” for setting up a great Weekend…!!

Thanks to “Maggot” and “Kebab” for the great FOOOOOOOOOD…!! and Thanks to all the other Hashers who helped to make the


Special Award

 A new name was given to “White Legs” and the name given was “Kebab” this was due to his recent fight with a Blue Marlin.

 In honour of this feat, his wife of 18years (to the day) presented him with a Marlin Beak on a plaque, along with a plaster and fake blood and a plaque stating “Gotcha”.

First Timers

 Dick Price came along with the Oliphant’s who had recently been at Alan’s conference.  (He pointed out that they were both TV stars & Media (newspaper) stars.  No one came forth for autographs through!!

Second Timers

 Dog came and joined “Penny Farthing for her “Down Down”.

Down Down

 This was presented to Yves Robert & Clarence for their short hash.

Kiddies Award

 This was presented to Nicole from Tomik.

 MSPCC there (I have never seen so many dogs).  Paten, where are you when we need peace!!  : Come back Wendy all is forgiven (have you got my T Bags!).

 Those of you who have email know I love the jokes.  So I though I may pass on one to you all to fill up the gaps due to major hangovers by one and all.

Paddy wanted to be an accountant, so he went for an aptitude test:

Tester: If I give you two Rabbits, and two rabbits, and another two rabbits, how many rabbits have you got?
Paddy: SEVEN!
Tester: No, listen carefully again. If I give you two Rabbits, and two rabbits, and another two rabbits, how many rabbits have you got?
Paddy: SEVEN!
Tester: Let’s try this another way. If I give
you two bottles of beer, and two bottles of beer, and another two bottles of beer, how many bottles of beer have you got?
Paddy: SIX.

Tester: Good! Now, if I give you two Rabbits, and two rabbits, and another two rabbits, how many rabbits have you got?
Paddy: SEVEN!
Tester: How on Earth do you work out that three lots of two rabbits are seven?
Paddy : I’ve already got one rabbit at home

Weekend another memorable one…!!


(As viewed by Supreme Cupid!!)

Well, I found this run extremely short, extremely hard going and not good for the gut, but everyone who was at the camp the night before would know exactly why this was so!! I’ll be honest – for the first time since I’ve been hashing, I DID NOT FINISH A RUN!! WHY!!!! ‘Cos I had over indulged the night before on tequila & beer with Blob & Co. and to Brigitte’s utter glee, had my first hangover in 15 years (that she knows about!) Obviously, I’ll never? admit to one in the past, but I couldn’t cover this one up. I ran for as long as my gut would allow, before I painted the side of the road, decided to call it quits, turned round and ran back to base – still got in first, of course! The unsinkable Supreme Being DID NOT even attempt to run the hash (he felt worse than me!!) and drank COKE all Sunday!

 Overall, the camping weekend was a great success, enjoyed by all and a very big THANK YOU to YVES ROBERT for organising such a great, idyllic

camp ground and for providing us with the history that surrounds the area!!

By the way, Yves, how is your head ?

 Jumbo Achievers Award

 Where is it ???

 Fashion Award

 This was presented to Alan for coming dressed as an Leprechaun

 Smelly Blue T Shirt

 Blob pondered (his brain was too drunk to think) and presented this to Ice Maiden “Dagmar” for never being late.

 Religious Advisor

 As our RI was sober (about only one) He told us tales of the British Vs the French and how he was woken up during the night by “Nit” Alan, who ran around asking where he was?

 RI wished our beloved Desert Rat a fond farewell and how we would all missed us, he (Desert Rat) then called all of us “Bloody Drunken Rabble” However, we all wish him all the very best for the future and HOPE he will be back with us very very soon.

  Special Down Down

 Poor Cupid received this for actually being sick!!! Whilst on a hash!!! Personally I do not think he did not deserve it for he was the only one to admit it!!!

It was so lovely to see so many old hashers there (not old in age!!!) I am so glad all of you loved the camping (especially Jose, whose hangover). If was also lovely to see the whole of the


From the stadium in the north, carry on Cottage/G/lands/GrandBay/FondduSac roundabout. Take Goodlands turnoff. Carry on straight till you get the first left turn to GrandBay (with hash sign). Turn left here. Follow the signs from here onwards. A hash has been set at this site before: the northern part of the forest, in a big open clearing.



Blob Latimer (6963815) & Kevin Murray



Lord Russell



Hash Horn

Yves “Boogie Woogie” Robert

Fashion  Advisor

Margaret Saville-Brown

Religious Advisor/Sex Councillor

Leslie Nimo

Barbecue Bearer

David “Shortie” Colbert

Ice Maiden

Dagmar Neubacher

Hash Cash

David “Shortie” Colbert

Drinks for Wimps and Kids

Bob Tumblety

Bangers & Hash

Reverse Alphabet

Hash Market

Alec “Kebab” Saville-Brown

Edit Hare

Wendy Austin (Tel 2511031)


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