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Mauritius Hash Trash 502

23-09-2007 Union St-aubin Alan + Inspector David #502

Another page with scribbles from the hash scribe’s de-scribing scriptures. If this trend continues there will be no more descriptions to describe!

I am sure everyone will agree … today’s hash was BRILLIANT, an extraordinary example of scenic, superb spectacular views scoring 12 on Rosemarie’s BEAUTY SCALE & 9 on her Difficulty Scale.
Well done David, for setting such a successful first trail – and a special applause to Alan our Trailmaster who was as always an excellent teacher.

On the Hash Scale, well today’s hash scored SKY HIGH; it was a double showdown demo of SUPERB HASH MISHMANAGEMENT. More about this later …

Hush in the Cirque Hashle.
Try again.
Hash in the Hush Circle.

Hush in the HASH CIRCLE!!!!!
Phew! Finally got that right.

Today we had a Scottish lad also known as Captain Nemo, standing in as GM while our Supremous Blobus is finishing off the hunting season in style.
This is what the notorious Mac GM looks like, you don’t mess with him!

1 timer
Christian & Marie-Jo (Switzerland)
Dan (Mauritius)

2 timer
Oh Oh … … No second timers today?
We all know what this means … the GM had to take the blame and down a beer instead.

This brings us to the next act of our fortnightly hash double drama show …

Our long-lost RA Peter was back for at least this one hash Sunday; he was so impressed with the Scenery … that he got struck by some elemental magic and started his speech with …
Earth, Sky, Wind and … BANANAS?
Snip snip, magic gone, just loads of giggles left.

So, who will be the highlighters of today’s scandalisations?

ALAN, our ex-temporary GM, was caught out for 2 reasons … first for appearing on television in a shirt & tie and explaining something with his hands which according to Claude (the naughtiest hasher of the round circle) who had his TV sound turned down, seemed like Alan was demonstrating all the ins & outs of condoms and the like so he conned the RA into mentioning this WORD in the circle and punishing our Trailmaster accordingly.
BUT the real reason Alan had to down that beer? He had been spotted by the FASHION POLICE for wearing a police jacket without POLICE SUNGLASSES, so there you have it, we finally got him for fashion sinning.

MACHA, who ignored the beauty of the trail and rushed to get to the finishing line first … and also for neither wearing any hash clobber nor any hash UNDERWEAR!
And the third down down goes to … ..the exemplarian, the key lady and beer bearer saviour of the day HAROLD! Come forth, you have been dubbed St. Phoenix for a week by volunteering to go and buy the BEER that was MISSING today.
And because you were wearing those POLICE SUNGLASSES that Alan needed so desperately.
Ra Ra Ra for the RA.

Blue Smelly moments.
And now for a special edition in the history of the Smelly Blue …
What is it that you should never do with the SMELLY BLUE?
WASH IT!!! What is it that you should do with the SMELLY BLUE?
WEAR IT Next to the skin – and – Add your own souvenir to it.

Gang chose GISELLE for this honorary exchange and the reason for this dishonour is that she was leading all the hashers on the wrong trail and therefore had to get down on her knees and grin and bear the Sticky Wishy Washy of the Smelly Shower.

Jean & Philida are missing about 15 empty cool drink bottles and asked if they could kindly be returned at the earliest convenience …
Gilbert aka Dodocop and Franchette volunteered to be our emergency stand-in for the Wimps Drinks – Yippeeeeee!
Bob & Jackie volunteered to be our beer bearers yoo-hoo-hoo!

Food … what a long wait for the cuisine crew today, but thankfully Wiehe’s catering gurus arrived after re-enacting the “Round Mauritius Hash” and the whole bunch of hungry hashers were happy again.
(Note from the editor: The late food arrival gave everyone a chance to catch up on their beer drinking skills.)

So much for our extreme mishmanagement ~ we had no beer and no food ~ but it all worked out in the end and there was plenty to share thanks to everyone who helped out.

Our next hash will be set by Patrice & David at Candos, watch this space and get ready to share all the giggles with us!

From the hash-kitchen word has it that Vanessa & Kevin will tickle your taste-buds next time …
So until we meet again …
Munch, Crunch And make merry

Volunteers for setting Hashes are invited to contact the Trail Master:
Alan ‘Strong On’ Grihault on 675 0365 (H) or 790 9782 (M).

There is an alternative “Sunset Hash” once every 4 weeks. It is held at 4pm, Saturdays on weekends which do not coincide with this Sunday Hash).

And don’t forget to TELL-A-PAL about Mauritius HASH MANIA!!!

  Coming next …

Receding Hareline
Trailmaster – Alan
Advancing Foodline
Kitchen Mistress – Marie Jo
DateRun No.HaresLocationCooks
23-9-07502Alan and DavidTowards SouillacG. Wiehe
07-10-07503Patrice and DavidCandosCooks ?
21-10-07504Phil., Kevin and Johan Cooks ?
04-11-07505Brian and Bertrand Cooks ?
The Hash Mish-Management Team
Supreme Being:BLOB who is a multitasker and will still be blowing the HASH HORN
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on” Grihault; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
Deputy: Gilbert “Dodocop” Leste; Tel: (M)910 4062
Cellarmaster:Jackie and Bob (J&B)
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious and Sex Advisor:Peter “Malignant Growth” and we are still looking for another volunteer for the times when Peter is somewhere else on the planet downing someone else’s beers!
Ice Man:Dave Hughes
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette Decotter
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Jean and Philidia Ramiah
Hash Market:Marie-André Boullé
Edit Hare:Zandré Wallwin,
Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Webmasters:Rey “Hot Pants” and / or
Bob “Lord Russell” (
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo Constantin (Tel. 453 9675)

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