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Mauritius Hash Trash 522

13-07-2008 La Brasserie Tusia and visitors Marie Jo #522

Yoo Hoo…
What do you do?
When the day is wet & miserable
And going out is just not feasible…
Join the hash!
Your rainy day will turn into a super bash!

522 excitements…

Come rain or shine, us hashers always have a great time!
The trail was quite long & never-ending today, muddy and skiddy, uphill & downhill, with lovely views over the island from different angles, and everybody agreed that it was certainly a superb hash.

At the Circle

Today was a special day…dedicated to our friend & fellow hasher David Colbert. GM Alan called a minute of silence before the run in David’s honour and we all had a drink to David as first important event in today’s circle – in loving memory of a great guy – he will always be remembered and he will be missed a great deal.

Running the Gauntlet
Please take a careful look and tell me if you don’t agree…
… That our GM has metamorphosed into a circus escapee.

hash 522 image003

1 timer

Martin & Julia (Poland)
Gerard & Youri (Holland) – Ellen’s brother and his son

2 timer

Johanna & Nora (From Germany?)

Hash *Appetisers

GM Snakey Alan called in theHares!
Tomek, Perry (who also helped to round up all the lost hashers!) and standing in for Tusia who went to fetch Isabelle at the airport…
An Excellency down-down!
For an Excellent Hash!

Ah, the skies opened and a wee bit of shy sun shone through during this memorable moment of Smelly Blue!

Dave, our ICE MAIDEN, announced and stressed yet again, that Smelly was


Covered in PURE SWEAT &

(Ooh gooey goo!)

We also had a lecture and demonstration of the Smelly’s newly added ECOFRIENDLY QUALITIES…
Toothpaste & Toothbrush for Smelly Breath
Toilet Roll & Plastic Bag for (you know what!)
And even Balloons for buoyancy (they didn’t last long and were discarded)

hash 522 image011

So…who is the lucky one?

Dave recalled an incident at the previous hash…where two lonely cyclists training for the Tour de France out in the sugarcane…got LOST…Evert & Claude…he also said something about River adventures but I was not there so this scoop has evaded me completely folks!
Ha! I wondered why Claude didn’t come to Hash today…was it to avoid this monumental moment of shame or triumph?
Nevertheless, Evert got to wear the delightful Smelly Blue next to the SKIN, Yeah Baby!
(And all the girls whistled!)

hash 522 image013


The time has come for the announcement of today’s MYSTERY RA…

And the magic robe goes to…
In full RA Couture…or shall we say…

hash 522 image015

David, RA for the day, thanked the GM for this very embarrassing job, making everyone wonder what he was up to…

The RA had a bone to pick with Martin’s dog Roxy, who was jumping up and down during the minute of silence we had earlier for David. But he decided to forgive Martin and send him off with a warning to start training Roxy to jump in silence.

1 ~ Nora & Gilbert ……(Dodocop was hiding behind a car and limping to try & get out of this one ooh la la) – these 2 naughty sinners didn’t stay in the XIV box when they were needed but went in two separate ways thus causing huge scandal! Here’s to the sinners!!!

2 ~ we have a short cutter in our midst! That SCOTTISH GUY… LESLIE!!!! GM Alan & RA David were following the trail (for once!) like good boys and along came Captain Nemo & took a Scottish Shortcut, thus stealing the d~d spotlight.

(GM announces that the circle’s singing quality is very poor and suggests we all go for singing lessons.)

3 ~ Hares! Perry & Tomek!For the explosive Dam! (Uh???) Missed that one folks, seems I have to get a new pen, this one is missing important info! They had to down it for the dangerous trail they made us follow, and suddenly nobody knew what was going on, not even Jean who is from the SAS, so nobody was the wiser about this volatile state secret.

WOW – slow down ….do we have ANY beer left?

4 ~ Dave – Ice Maiden RA David pointed out that dogs chase hares…but that Dave was chasing Sarah (ooh double bleedin la!) – As in GM Alan’s WIFE!!!
So GM Alan asked WHY and Dave replied that he had to try out the EQUIPMENT but Sarah was too fast for him and this Chaser was caught before he made a gaff and paid the DOWN price!

GM Alan thanked our Food Mistress Marie-Jo for the pasta which she prepared and sent along with Dave, thanks also to Henriette and Claudia who helped to dish up.

We also would like to welcome Isabelle back on the island, she is visiting from Poland and I saw a special sparkle in Tusia’s eyes to have her back home for a bit!


Pay attention Hashers & Harriettes!
The next Hash will be called EVERT’S REVENGE.
It will take place in Albion.
There will be some TUNA on the barbecue…
And you all have to wear SOMETHING FISHY or marine – like.
There will be a surprise…
It’s going to be smashing, don’t miss it!!!

That’s a wrap from the trash corner…

Sending LOOOOOVE VIBES your way, can you feel it, lots of cyber hugs and www kisses!!!


Zan ~ Your Edit Hare

The Hash Mish-Management Team
Supreme Being:BLOB who is a multitasker and still blowing his HORN
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on”; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
Deputy: Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Cellarmaster:Jackie and Bob (J&B)
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob”
Religious and Sex Advisor:Peter “Malignant Growth” and we are still looking for another volunteer for the times when Peter is somewhere else on the planet downing someone else’s beers!
Ice Man:Dave H.
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Jean and Philidia
Hash Market:Marie-Claude”
Edit Hare:Zandré,
Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo (Tel. 453 9675)

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