Mauritius Hash Trash 326

17-12-2000 Candos J & B (??) #326

The usual Christmas Hash, just up and down Coline Candos. No problem you might think. We have done it every year for yonks ! That was the problem however. About half of the hashers decided that they knew the way and ignored the trail. Oh well, they had a nice little climb anyway.
Just to make things a little more interesting, Trail Master asked all to collect as many plastic bottles as possible. While some hashers found the idea of picking up empty bottles a little beneath their dignity, others made a jolly good effort and almost cleaned the trail of plastic ! A nice, patriotic gesture from those who joined in the ‘game’. Unfortunately Trail Master displayed a twisted sense of humour by awarding ‘prizes’ to those who made the best efforts. The punishment was received in good spirit however.


Navin (150kgs !). Said he will be back.
Jean Constantin (Claudie’s brother). Now back to stay in Mauritius (if he can stand the pace).
Neil from Oxford. Here with his father who is a strictly ‘social’ hasher. May be here next time or he may be in the Caribbean.


Snow White and son Nathan from UK. Did a bit of a striptease for us.
Gaurav??? “Lazy Bones” who finished his down down after five seconds !


Russell & Fiona Worthy. It was their last hash before returning to Aussie Land. Good luck to you both !
Barclay “Fish”. Out of Oya’s new shoes.


A special thank you goes to the Worthy’s for providing the food on their last Hash.
Also to little Nathan for collecting a LOT of bottles.
A special prize went to Peter “Long Zip” for collecting LOTS and LOTS of bottles. His prize was a dinosaur bone.


An old, unshaven and hairy fellow with strange red clothing suddenly appeared and announced that he was ‘Father Christmas’. Whoever he was, he proceeded to give presents to the children & Barclay who were suitably excited.


It looks as if it is lost for ever !


In the best season’s spirit, we were entertained with a topical story about how the fairy got on top of the Christmas Tree. Ouch !


14th January 2001. Number 327 – Clarence and Allan


14th January, Pat (her special prize)

DIRECTIONS TO THE NEXT HASH, # 327, 14th January 2001 at 10am:

Hash No 327 – Maritim Hotel, Balaclava
Hares: Clarence Babet & Allan Jones
The Hash will be based in part of the grounds of the Maritim Hotel near the
old historic ruins. On entering the gate of the hotel please inform the
security guard that you are coming for the Hash. Inside the gate immediately
turn right and park on the right before the horse riding area and then walk
down the road to the ruins. (Only those vehicles bringing Hash equipment,
etc, should drive down the hill.) Please try and arrive promptly.
Coming from the south:
Turn left off the motorway at the roundabout junction for Triolet (just after
the new pedestrian bridge). Follow the A4 to Arsenal and follow the main
road to the left at the traffic lights. Turn left at the next junction
marked by white railings and signed for the Maritim and the Radisson Hotels.
Continue along the road for nearly 3km until you reach the gate to the
Maritim on your right.
Coming from the north:
Drive through Triolet and turn right at the southern end of the village at
the Solitude Industrial estate. Follow the road for about 2km and then turn
left at a junction signed to the Maritim and the Plantation hotels. Cross
over a bridge and then turn right to find the gates after about 100m.

On! On!


Supreme Beings: Blob Latimer (6963815) & Kevin ‘Cupid’ Murray (2547074)
Trailmaster: ‘Lord’ Russell (686 0219)
Cellarmaster: John & Julie
Hash Horn: Tony ‘Barnacle Bill’ Ward
Religious Adv./Sex Councillor: Leslie ‘Jimmy’ Nimmo
Barbecue Bearer / Gas Man: Dave ‘Shorty’ Colbert
Ice Maiden: Peter Attig
Ha$h Ca$h: Dave ‘Shorty’ Colbert
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids: ‘Lord & Lady’ (J&B) Russell
Hash Market: Sylvia Coutanceau
Web Meister: Shelley Van Lit
Edit Hare: Brigitte ‘Party Animal’ Murray (283 8488)
Assistant to ‘Party Animal’: ‘Two Fingers’ Russell. Swings into action every time she needs him (when she catches a virus)

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