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Mauritius Hash Trash 328

14-01-2001 Maritime Hotel Clarence Babet & Allan Jones #328

First Timers
Grandpa & Grandma Shah – Will come again !

Second Timers
Deiter & Suzan “Skid Marks”
Alan “Strong On”
Charlie “Scrungbucket”
Charlotte “Coke Cain”
Chris “Smerf”
Rey “Hot pants”

Special Down Downs
The hares – for flashing their thighs and showing off their nice dresses
Shorty, Lomito, No name – For non stop talking
Bent Banana, Sock Sucker – For too much ‘clubbing’ and arriving late.
Pieter, Pieter – Both for talking too much

As his grand finale – He explained that he was wrong last time and the original person was a woman with three tits. She gave one away to make the first man !
By a flash of, er, quick thinking, Lomito was unanimously appointed as our new RA. He accepted and set the tone by starting to instill a little discipline in the unruly crowd (not an easy task). The power has gone to his head already !


Xnic “Socksucker”
Etienne & Mireille

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