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Mauritius Hash Trash 325

03-12-2000 Bar Le Duc Pat Knox And Allan Jones #325

Another very good Hash !  The trail was set impeccably by Pat and Allan in an ideal setting with woods, mud, a nice little hill to run up and a couple of back checks to keep us on our toes. Another stratagem was added to keep us on our toes. Nearby gun shots.  The run was a little longer than recent ones (for those who did the whole circuit). Very good for the thirst. Unfortunately we still have some among our number who take short cuts. They just smell the Phoenix and suddenly the gun shots don’t matter any more!

Many thanks to the hare and haress. Also a big thanks to the ladies of the Salvation Army (Sheila & Marie-Claude) for serving food to the ‘shell shocked’ soldiers. FIRST TIMERS

Marlon Montana, on holiday from Seychelles

Stefan, a friend of Pat & Allan

Jenny, brought along by her ‘baby sitter’

Sandra, the baby sitter

Elizabeth & Zbigmar, on holiday from Poland


‘Tulips’ (two lips?), from Amsterdam

‘Meadowsman’, name specially requested in memory of his wife who recently departed. SPECIAL DOWN-DOWN

Simon ‘Bent Banana’, for using a lap top to find his way around the circuit

Geoff ‘Shit Creek’, for popping up out of the blue again. He is on a 10 day visit to Mauritius.

Kevin ‘Cupid’ for again forgetting to collect the smelly blue T shirt from ‘Big Bike’, sorry Big Mike.

Dave ‘Shorty’, for forgetting the gas so we all had to eat cold food


jUsT aSk cUpId wHeRe iT iSSS R.A.’s MESSAGE

We benefited from a philosophical story about Rodrigues and explaining why their potatoes are too small for Texans.

RA also admonished Jean-Francois for allowing his friend Marlon to come proudly wearing new shoes. You can imagine what happened next. The shoes are officially not new any more.

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