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Mauritius Hash Trash 323

05-11-2000 Val. Des Pretres Etienne & Mireille 323

Another interesting Hash in a new location. Not too long, not too wet, not too difficult. No complaints ! The road was a little bit frightening for some of the more timid among us. The watchman enjoyed the Hash more than anyone else, he went home afterwards well fed and well lubricated !  He invited us to come back next week and offered to set the trail for us ! FIRST TIMERS

Martin from Germany. He found out about us on the internet about three years ago and has been planning and saving his pfennigs to come ever since.

Michel who was last here sixty years ago ! (I didn’t think the Hash had been going that long). He came on an aircraft carrier last time. This time he found that the aircraft are flying here by themselves. He is still fit and did the course without difficulty.

Vishnu from that great institution Mauritius Telecom.

Joelle from that even greater institution Mauritius Breweries ! (God 3 ?)


Wendy (Sexy ar….) DOWN-DOWN

The hares (Etienne & Mireille) – for using brown camouflage flower to mark the course.

Cupid – for stopping and asking for directions right next to a ‘Hash’ sign.

Shorty – For only appearing in time to collect the money.

Jackie (‘J’ of J&B) – for being the most enthusiastic (noisiest) lady present.

Party Animal – for getting carried away when she found herself in front and came to a sign. She shouted something which sent the hashers scattering in all directions. We never found the proper trail after that but picked it up in the wrong place and short-circuited a chunk of the trail. R.A.’s MESSAGE

We were treated to a story about a mysterious character named Jimmy.

The RA then proceeded to reprimand a first timer – Vishnu – for wearing nice new shoes – The down down was gracefully taken by his host (John Ford) for not warning him about the danger. (Editors note. John is still alive, I spoke to him on Thursday)


Was provided this time by Val & Keith and Allison. Very nice. Thanks. NEXT HASH! 19TH NOVEMBER. Number 324 Clarence FOOD LINE Good old Shorty and Juliette have volunteered for the 19th.

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