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Mauritius Hash Trash 320

24-09-2000 Plaine Champagne Blob #320

Held at Plain Champagne (?) Hare Blob (?)  Whoever said that this last Hash was ‘short, flat ‘n dry’ deserves to have their head read, or just shot – to put them out of their misery!!  It’s a sad situation when there’s only one very lonely little grey cell swimming around in a cavernous void, looking for company, when there is none! This hash was definitely the complete opposite of ‘short, flat ‘n dry’!! On arrival it was literally raining ‘cats ‘n dogs’!!  To the extent that a few ‘old’ hashers were spotted sneaking off home – probably back to their nice warm beds with a hot cuppa cocoa and a good book – or whatever!! Even so, we had a good turnout of new Hashers, so here goes….!!  FIRST TIMERS  Chris & Shirley (Simon’s parents, who’ve come to check up on him and make sure he’s behaving himself) – from the UK. Gert’s 4 friends from Germany, who are out here on holiday – Sybille, Sonja, Herbert & Vania(?-sorry, couldn’t read your writing!) Margaret – out here on holiday from the UK. Angus – also out from the UK, but for work.  Poor chap!! Ditte – who arrived on our shores a few weeks ago, also for work.  Met Andreas at the Banana Cafe (where else!!), who invited her along.  Was she wearing new shoes??? Gaurav – invited along by Blob.  You didn’t meet him at the Banana as well, did you, Blob?  Gaurav ‘was posted here’ from India!! (His words, not mine!)  He’s also been a hasher for 7 years. Roger & Julie – I’m sorry, there was so much talking I didn’t hear where you were from!!

SECOND TIMERS Vidia ‘Not Guilty”, who had a swim in her beer.  Geeta very kindly offered her an umbrella! Simon ‘Bent Banana’ just tried to drown himself in his beer. John ‘Dial-tone’

SMELLY BLUE T-SHIRT Linda was having a hard decision deciding who was to be honoured with this glorious adornment, but her mind was made up instantaneously when, on arrival back from the run, feeling wet, bedraggled and probably in dire need of a beer, she spotted 2 young gentlemen sitting cosily (and dry!) in a car, reading the newspapers.  It was like waving a red flag in front of a bull, I suppose.  Anyway, Denny (Cannon man) was the lucky recipient and had a down-down from Blob, who again tried to ‘get lucky’!!  

SPECIAL DOWN-DOWNS It was round about this time, when Lesley RA was waffling on about God’s Creation and randy cockerels in Rodrigues ‘playing dead’, waiting to ‘nail’ the local buzzards, that our current in-house late arrival Andreas ‘Lomito’ decided to join us, instead of roaming the countryside for another few hours!  Seeing that he only arrived at the Hash at 11:30, ran it, then joined us at about 13:00 – he did well!   Blob gave him (another) kneeling DD, probably trying to ‘get lucky’ again, but he wasn’t falling for it, so Blob tried to end him off by pouring it straight down his throat.  

CHILDREN’S AWARD What Children’s award??

GAMES MASTER Apparently our Games Master has been having a few complaints about the ‘content’ (or lack of it!!) of his games.  Big mistake!!!  He’s Scottish!!  Didn’t they take revenge on the English in the Mediaeval times for wrongdoings? I think we’ve had it now!! 

SPECIAL THANK YOU Goes to Num Sok for the food, which was delicious! And to ‘Saddam’ for saving the hash notes – and me – from drowning, by being my ‘umbrella stand’.  Thanks ‘Saddam!’ HASH LINE # 321  –  DAVE COLBERT (DIRECTIONS TO FOLLOW) #322   –  BRIGITTE  


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