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Mauritius Hash Trash 552

13-09-2009 Anse Jonché Betrand & Harry Giselle #552

Today’s trail was splashed with colourful, beautiful views. It winded uphill, downhill and all around the hills surrounding Bertrand’s domain…it was a day filled with spectacular fun!

Hare Affairs

M Dodocop called in the hares…who were applauded for an excellent hash. Harry was labelled the semi hairless hare due to his neatly shaven head…at least he had a good HAIR day….or was that a good HARE day?

1st timers…

Maria and Wolfgang (Germany)
Liz (France)
Tamara (UK)

2nd timers…

Oh trash crash.
No second timers ooooooops…!
The GM got an obligatory down-down for this crime!



We have been very lucky (so they say),
to be joined by Peter, our visiting RA,
who flew in especially to save the day!

Peter recited one of his impromptu poems from his Poetic Gems Traveling Suitcase.

The Warthog – Part XXXII
Is Anse Jonchee really Gay?
Anse Jonchee
So they say,
Is the perfect place to Hash,
On a Sunday
But to our dismay,
Under skies so grey,
Did the rain come and dampen our spirits,
On this day?
“Oh No!” you say,
Hashers, both straight & gay,
We came today as usual, to lay,
Or get laid!
So don’t be afraid,
Come out of the closet we pray,
Whatever your persuasion, have a,
Roll in the hay!

RA Peter wanted to name some of the anonymous sinners who committed heinous crimes on the hash…

1 ~ we expect sex on the hash…but sometimes blatant sex on the hash could be offensive to otherwise broadminded hashers…
Alan & Henriette! Peter overheard Alan said …”could you please control your urges…” and Henriette responded …”Alan you could have anything you want!” Oooh la la…dare I say more?
Here’s to the sexual reprobates, they ARE BLUE!!!

2 ~ more desperate sex on the hash!
Tusia and Dave! Dave was the innocent victim who didn’t break Tusia’s fall as she tried to pounce on him…so they both had to pay the price.

Trashadelic, where are my censors? What is going on today? Is it because of all the X’s on rocks that everyone has gone completely s-e-x mad?

3 ~ we have an expert in professional photography…RA Peter was taking a humble picture with his small mobile phone camera when he was told by Claude that it should be done by a professional photographer…who just happened to be Jean-Claude.
The RA pointed out that it’s not the SIZE that counts….but how you use it!
Both the photographic experts had to down it for their lack of artistic appreciation…

4 ~ least but last……or was that last but not least? Where is the hash squeak?
Gheerish was put in the RA’s spotlight for his inability to give a good blow-job on the hash…although his blowing of the hash horn may have been somewhat feeble at times; he certainly made up for it with enthusiasm.
Even if he wasn’t our regular hash horn, he still had to pay for his breathlessness! Well done!!

Back to the baton!

GM Dodocop asked Bertrand to give us a short piece of history…
Once upon a time, on an island far far away…
Oooooops I think I am getting carried away……

Bertrand recounted that his house was built by a French gentleman by the name of Jonchee de la Golleterie, who came to Mauritius to produce fruit (he planted guava trees) – these trees were known as Gullivier trees. (From Gulliver’s travels?)
After he left, the area was a swamp…today there are still frogs but it is not quite so swampy anymore.
The area was then cultivated for sugarcane plantations. A sugar mill was built in the 18th century when Riche en Eau took over.
After the war, the sugar factory closed and the land was sold during the 1950’s to private owners.
Bertrand bought it some 15 years ago and plans to become a millionaire because the land is very popular and he could make lots of money if he resold it.
The hashers thought this would make him a very popular guy and we suggested he built a discothèque there!


Sara promoted a fundraising dinner for the Befrienders Association (help against suicide in Mauritius) as well as a jumble sale…the sale will take place on the 19th of September and they need all our useful white elephants… the dinner is planned for the 3rd of October and will be in the Restaurant L’Aventura in Beau Bassin.
Please book your tickets early and help to support a worthy cause!

The GM held up a children’s book about pirates and treasures written by Alan…just to show off Alan’s one of a kind whirly twirly signature inside the book!

Wow, is this a family Grihault affair or WHAT!

Cowboy Curtis never came today to bring back the hostage cowbell…seems he has found greener pastures elsewhere and will be punished accordingly the next time we catch him before he leaves for South Africa……

Our next hare is Pierre-André…

Thanks to Giselle for the food – yum yum!
Sara’s birthday cake was oh so delicious!

The GM also wishes to thank everybody who always helps to contribute to the fortnightly mismanagement duties…you are all champs!


We have a problem.
Who can help?
This is a hasher’s worst nightmare – not having volunteers for ice or beer!
Disaster masters!
Anyone under 70 with a 4×4…?
Anyone with a Minnie and a roofrack?
Anyone with a scooter?
Anyone at all?

Did you know…
Hashers adore almond waffles
They may even get into scuffles
For a few chocolate truffles…

Please visit the trash columns regularly for this and more sweet saucy secrets…
Take a plunge
Into the blue…
Come hash with me…
And I‘ll hash back with you!

ON ON !!!
Zan ~ Your Edit Hare

The Hash Mish-Management Team
OfficeThe NEW team
Supreme Being:Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Jean
Deputy: Pierre-André
Cellarmaster:Embarrassingly Vacant
Hash Horn:Geerish-ish
Religious and Sex Advisor:Joint operation (Jacklin, Leslie, Peter)
Ice Man:Michael
Ha$h Ca$h:Chantalle
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:??
Hash Market:Marie-Claire, Eileen
Edit Hare:Zandré
Kitchen Mistress:Philida (Phone: 492 0609)

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