Mauritius Hash Trash 518

18-05-2008 Bockage Pierre-André Marie France #518

Your edit hare is hopping along your screen and losing bits and bobs of trash EVERYWHERE!

It’s a crazy hour of the night…I’m trying to decipher the TRASH SCRIBBLE PAD so you can get a fresh squeeze of hash happenings hot off the press!

518 Escapades

The on in was on a steep slope and promised to be …hmmm FLAT and DRY! But allow me to rephrase this…never believe it when the hares promise ANYTHING, especially when they try to predict the weather!!! Indeed it was exactly the opposite and we had a delicious mixture of cloud and sun, rain and shine, more rain and the inevitable mud bath…it was a fun-tastic hash adventure with high jinks of jocularity.

Hash Hush!

Hmmmmm… OH nooooo disappointment! Sheer Hash Mishmanagement!

Our Supremous Blobus was elsewhere today on a shell adventure and I won’t say that out too loud…but never fear when Captain Nemo is near…

hash 518 image006

We had a brilliant stand-in GM as if by magic,

… and the hash fairy waved her wand again and brought Peter back as RA

hash 518 image0046

As if dropped like a coconut from the sky or did he fly in with his pa-RA-chute?

1 timer

Fiona & Luke (Ireland & Mauritius)
Mike & Sylvi (UK)

2 timer

Tim and sweet baby girl Sarah from Australia

Our 2 hares got a celebratory down-down from GM Leslie and we all agreed that despite the weather this was a sumo hash definitely not for the faint hearted.

Bob’s Announcement – J&B will be away for approximately 3 hashes…and we need a VERY IMPORTANT someone to pick up the beer…who will volunteer? Thanks to Chris (Sherri’s better half) the Hash will have no fear of running out of beer, yippeeeeeeeee. (Hear Hear!)

The circle was in such a shock to see the vision of Peter that they completely forgot to give him the welcome applause.

RA RA RA for the RA.

For this auspicious occasion Peter pulled out not just one…oh oh…but two scandalous poems from his Poetic Gems Travelling Suitcase, translated from the original English to…English!

The Warthog – Part XIX

Ode to Mount Ory – Part I

A thumb to the heavens,
Might le Pouce be.

And Pieter Both,
That mountain of mystery.

But none is quite so lovely,
And full of dignity.

As the multi storey,
Mount Ory.

The Warthog – Part XX<

Ode to Mount Ory – Part II

Like Irma la Douce,
Stands le Pouce.

To see that Pieter Both,
Doesn’t get it off.

With the whorey,
Mount Ory!

I want to chip in and share a juicy historic detail with you about Mount Ory…..courtesy of Lord Russell. Originally, the name ORY comes from the French “au Rix”, because they used to grow rice on this mountain, and then with time the name evolved and became ORY thus phonetically still meaning “Mountain of Rice”.

Ah…let’s get back to the RA’s fortunate (or is that unfortunate?) duty of pulling out some guilty hashers and making an example of their heinous deeds.

1 ~Laurant …who strategically placed the first hash sign to be visible on the road only from one direction…

2 ~ Marie Andre’ …for her two left shoes! She was showing everyone how she packed two different lefts out of her two pairs of running shoes…thus attracting the RA’s attention with a BRIGHT RED FLAG, ooh la la!

They both had to down it for not knowing their left from their right and showing some dyslexic symptoms…claiming the title in the Hash Newspaper, first page, Dyslexia cure for found.

3 ~ Claude …was marked by the RA yet again for his urge to dress up in women’s clothing (because he was collecting papayas and let the Ra’s imagination run wild)…so he downed it for cross dressing and Marie Jo was also punished for approving and condoning this behaviour! She had a ball pouring half her beer over Peter’s head!

4 ~ BERTRAND …was called in as the “Fool of the Fortnight” for willingly subjecting himself to torture, the Masochist of the Month……for his participation in the Royal Raid and going 35 kilometres up and down the Gorgeous Black River Gorges, and paid the price by downing horrible Coca Cola instead of Beer, seems like Stacey our Bar Lady had run out of Hash Nectar.

5 ~ finally, the RA was at the end of his tether and was preaching how it was traditional in Hash to obey the markings and not to cheat and get ahead with foul ways…surprising Henriette completely for calling out a check back and master-minding a short cut…but it seems the RA mistook the female voice in the woods for hers, so she unmasked the real culprits Tusia and Claudia! All three of them got to the finishing line first so that was reason enough to get labelled as the False Check Backers (or something like that!)…and surprisingly the RA got beer-nointed again…who would have thought?

After a mouthful of down-downs…
The Fun has just begun!
Captain Nemo, with a Grandiosus Masterful interpretation of the original Grand Master, decided to play a game of colours.
So he asked everyone to lift their hands to their favourite colours… Yellow
Did you see that coming?
All the People had to step out into the circle of shame and the competition ruled that the rest of the circle had to VOTE who was getting the Smelly
Blue, it was a sort of a Smelly-Blue-by-numbers thing and guess who got the most votes hands free?


I have never seen a better example of utter disgust on a Smelly Hand Over, as this one.

Courtesy of the Trash Photog.

If pictures could speak a thousand words, then this is definitely one of those!!!!

hash 518 image029

Ooh La La, what a blast! This would be his BLUE MOMENT in hashing, but having survived his baptism of courage, Chris proved to be a blue blooded hasher with nerves of steel! Well done laddie!

Mamma Mia! Too much emotional information for one page, I am drained by all this passion!

You will have to let me go to recharge and rehash my trash battery – sharpen my web sword and polish my alphabet!

Did I mention that Philida made the food?
Delicious and yummy – m m m.

Tickety Boo!
Muddy Shoe!
Blobs of Flour
Beer Shower
Wild Flowers!
Papaya and Pepper Flash!
Small Snippets of today’s Super HASH!

ON ON!!!
Hugs & giggles

Zan ~ Your Edit Hare

PS ~ Trash Gallery from the lens of the pap-hare-razzo.

Jackie…Partner in Crime

hash 518 image034

Marie Claire – the right hat for a rainy day!

hash 518 image036

Mystic Scenery

hash 518 image038
hash 518 image040
hash 518 image042

Dave demonstrates how to wash away that mud, with flair!

hash 518 image044

Smelly B – Fight!

hash 518 image046

Papaya Culprit Claude.

hash 518 image050
hash 518 image048

You’ve been Flashed, you’ve been Trashed.

The Hash Mish-Management Team
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Deputy: Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Cellarmaster:Jackie and Bob (J&B)
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob”
Religious and Sex Advisor:Peter “Malignant Growth” and we are still looking for another volunteer for the times when Peter is somewhere else on the planet downing someone else’s beers!
Ice Man:Dave H.
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Jean and Philidia
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Edit Hare:Zandré,
Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo (Tel. 453 9675)

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