Mauritius Hash Trash 390

13-07-2003 Black River Gorges Rob And Edwina #390

Black River Gorges National Park

Rob and Edwina


Second Timer:
The Abeelaks minus the Juniors and Christianne


On On:
It was wet; it was slippery and it was muddy! A typical Hash.
Looked like many had spent a long time wondering whether they should come or not. We were getting close to set off time and we were still below the break even (cash wise) line which caused our Hash Cash to panic, but not for long.
More Hashers trickled in and bumped us to 20 odd. Those who arrived a tad late had no trouble catching up with the fast running B’s. “We’ve been here before” I was told, so there was no great risk of getting lost – so we thought!!
Us walkers took our time (I was one them this time) and trundled up to the second box and back. Trying on the way to put the world right. What punishment should rapists benefit from?? Hash Thought of the week!!
Yes, coming back to the getting lost bit, guess who would give us cause for worry – again!! Yes, Ray blooming Joseph. His excuse was that he had to follow the young boys!! The On On rituals went on without Ray and his …… conquests, but somehow he managed to appear just as we were tucking in to a nice chicken curry and Chapati. All is well that ends well!

RA’s Down’s Down’s: In the absence of the accredited RA, Alan ‘Red Shirt’ stepped in with a theme:
“Stealing from Government”
The culprits were:
Jean for confessing to stealing Post Office boots from the UK Gvt.
Vidya for stealing plants from a National Park
Sybil had the privilege of bringing her offender, Leslie to justice publicly. What did you need a receipt for Leslie?
Tom for clumsily dropping his wife in the River.

Smelly Blue with its latest insignia in the form of a Welsh dragon went to Ray. Apparently he has been hinting. There you got it now Ray!

Kiddy’s Award Went to Lady Russell who has never shown any signs of growing up.

Next Hash: at Vallée des Prêtres
Food : Alan ‘Redshirt’ and Sarah ‘CoffeeMate’

Many thanks Jean & Philia for the super chicken curry.

Alan’s Receding Hareline:
DateRun No.Hares Area
27th July391Patrice and Pratima Vallée des Prêtres
10th August392Annan and Leslie (+food)
24th August393Gilbert “Dodocop”
7th September394(free)
21st September395Perry and family
5th October396Rey
19th October397David and Juliette
2nd November398Etienne and Gilbert
16th November399(free)
30th November400(free)

1. Our 400th run should be on 30th November. Suggestions invited as to what we should do to celebrate. Trip to Rodrigues ? Camping/Bungalow on the beach ? ……… (You may use the ‘feedback’ page)
3. Would hashers please note that there is a deposit (money) on glass bottles (beer, softies)! Please do not throw them away with the rubbish (or even take them home).
4. Walks take place on most Sundays when there is no Hash. See the “Friendly walks” page for details.

Supreme Beings:Bob (Lord) Russell & Geeta “Tinkerbel” Morrant
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on” Grihault
Cellarmaster:Andy Belfitt
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:Patrice Curé
Barbecue Bearer:Dave “Shorty” Colbert
Ice Maiden:Rey Joseph
Ha$h Ca$h:Tom & Geeta “Tinkerbel”
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Bob & Jackie “J & B” Russell
Hash Market:Juliette “Snow White” & David “Shorty” Colbert
Edit Hare:Sylvia
Webmaster:Bob Russell( )
Website:  OR

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