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Mauritius Hash Trash 285

11-04-1999 Marie Reine De La Paix Sylvia /brigitte / Alexandra #285

SUPREME RAMBLES Welcome to all the new Hashers!!
What a great view over our Capital!! Great site for a Hash thank you to all the Hares…. Sylvie, Brigitte, Alexandra and Hare Help Anand!

I think everyone was looking for a short cut to get back to those cold, brown bottles of beer.. What a hot day poor little Hash Hound the Younger simply collapsed into his water bowl.

Thank you to all who helped make it a fun day those who carted crates, tables and barbecues, Supreme Cupid made the ultimate sacrifice and stayed behind to cook our lunch
RAMBLING TO AN END Don’t forget to start planning for our camping Hash on over the 9 May weekend.Invite your Friends to the next Hash… Its a Good Day Out

FIRST TIMERS Welcome to all the first timers Cat Litter’s Familv Nicole & Robbie, Sanjav from India, Mary (Dominic’s sister) and the one who got lost, Nono. See you at the next one!

SECOND TIMERS Christina made it back and managed a great Down Down with Fanta!(are you sure you are Susan Mahon’s sister?); The Wieners family can you believe it, Germans that don’t drink beer?! Certainly deserve their new ‘Wimps” Hash name and finally Lester ‘Square’ managed it on his head.

GAY SINGLES AWARD Looks like Christ is not going to give this one back. Replacements?

THE JUMBO ACHIEVERS AWARD‘That Barnes chap’ didn’t bring it.

FASHION AWARD Stand-in Fashion Adviser Geeta must have been the only hasher who noticed Van’s ‘Fuzzy Lanza’s rude t’shirt

SMELLY BLUE T-SHIRT Lord Russell gave this to the sweatiest flasher, there were a lot to pick from our own RA Leslie carried it away. Please send your profile to Edit Hare!!

CHILDRENS AWARD Tomek bring it along next time.

SINNERS AWARD Our RA ‘s sermon started out on colour, Van Lanza, Susan Mahon and Jacques Domaingue were all called forward whilst the rest of us conjectured about what they must have been up to during the week. Turns out they dressed in a particular colour that said it all about themselves Van was in brown which means resignation. Susan was in the sexual excitement colour of red and Jacques was in “open, looking for friends” yellow. The Blonds copped it next and if you are still wondering whether they really are dumb, to page judge for yourself.

LOST HASHER First Timer Nono went to top of the hill and was therefore rather late returning; for this feat he got a Down Down along with Bob ‘Geldof’ Turnblety who brought Nono to the Hash but failed to explain the whole Hash thing to him.

HARES Our Hlares for the day. Sylvie, Brigitte. Alexandra and Anand were called up for their punishment for putting the flour on the wrong side of the track!! Keep it on the LEFT!

HASH BUSINESS Thank you to Supreme Cupid for the grub.

Next Hash #286, 1000hrs. 25 April 99 set by Franz-Josef Wiemers and Keith Lane

Directions IVTB Heavy Vehicle Driving School in Curepipe For those who came to this venue last year, do not use the old entrance as that road is now closed.From Curepipe follow the AIO towards Siezeieme Mille Just before the village at the NTC bus yard. turn right into the new road. Follow Hash signs. See you there.

Hash Line
hash #287, 09 May Yves Robert Special Camping hash (Birthday Hash)
hash #288, 23 May volunteers needed
Hash #289, 06 June volunteers needed
Hash #290 20 June Yves Robert at Chamarel

Foodies Thank you to the hares for the good food!

Personality Pro File send your personality profile to Editor and to David Colbert at Widnell Ong Seng Goburdhun for photo­copying and distributing the hash

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