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Mauritius Hash Trash 360

21-04-2002 Point Aux Cannonier Tony Barnacle Bill & Penny #360

Run at Grand Baie
Hare(s): Tony and Eric

1. Andy Coulds c/o MAERSK
2. Emma McLean
3. Kerrin Lynch
4. Samad Osman
5. Sheelan Li
6. Yolande Soubiron
7. Zaid Sookia

Second Timers:
Patrick Po Leung,
Marjorie Po Leung,
Valerie Po Leung

The “On On” Downs Downs:
Hare front and Centre: Verdict on the trail: Too dry, too flat and too short!! : Verdict: 5/10

Farewell cum Handing over Ceremony: Barnacle Bill, the outgoing GM performed the doubled edged ceremony on an ‘Ice Throne’. He presented the MHH with a 2.5 pint capacity Pot as a farewell present. Kevin returned the kind gesture by giving Tony a DD in the precious gift The new GM was then introduced to the (unruly) crowd. Braving the noise and rude comments the new GM duly replaced Tony on the throne. The throne had to be modified though, to accommodate The New GM’s horizontal disposition!! A sweet speech followed not to mention the DDs.

Christening: Latick was unanimously christened the “Pied Piper”. Why? Take a wild guess!
Sandeep is now known as Jungle Bunny- after his company Logo

Smelly Blue: Sandeep awarded the smelly Blue to Kevin for doing something else!.. rather than running the Hash

The Kiddie’s Award: Anne Sophie was the lucky award winner.

Closing Ceromony: Kevin, in a very moving speech thanked the outgoing GM for being a good inspiration to the Hash.
In floods of tears, Blob, RA, Outgoing GM and his successor led the whole crowd into the Hash Hymn.

Vote of thanks:
To Geeta and Marete for ‘moreish’ Hash Food (Chicken Briani and Cucumber Salad)
To Sylvia for a scrumptious Farewell cake.

Announcement: Next Hash Pte aux Piments
Hares: Clarence Hash
Food: Michelle and Jean Francois

Directions to next Hash to be held at 10am on Sunday the 5th May 2002
Public beach, Pt. Aux Piments

Supreme Beings:Dave “Shorty” Colbert & Geeta “Tinkerbel” Gopal
Trailmasters:Charlie “Scrungebucket” Scrimgeour & Alan “Strong on” Grihault
Cellarmaster:John “Big John” Maddock
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:Eric “Hot-dog” Maard; deputy David “Shorty” Colbert
Barbecue Bearer:Dave “Shorty” Colbert
Ice Maiden:Pieter “Long Zip” Attig
Ha$h Ca$h:Tom & Geeta “Tinkerbel”
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Bob & Jackie “J & B” Russell
Hash Market:Juliette “Snow White” Colbert
Edit Hare:Sara “Coffee mate” Grihault
Webmaster:Bob Russell

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