Mauritius Hash Trash 355

10-02-2002 Calodyne David Shorty & Juliette Snowwhite #355

Run at Calodyne public beach. Hares David (Shorty) and Juliette (Snow-white). The usual run, partly on the beach, partly around a barachois and partly around the houses. Short, flat & dry (well actually hot, long and mostly dry). A very considerate “wimps” trail was provided at no extra cost for Blob and the older hashers! The main circuit took us in front of the Grand Gaube Hotel where ‘Hot Dog’ started running with his head up, his shoulders back and chest out (hoping to impress any ladies on the beach). Alas, wasted effort, as they were not not crazy like us, out in that hot sun.
Acting Grand Master, Blob apologised for not setting the last Hash (end of January) but promised a camping Hash soon.
Many thanks to the Hares, also to Marie-Claude and Leslie for the tasty food.

First Timers (Virgins):
Paul Feeney – Here from UK on a three month mission.
Horst Raschdorf – From Germany. Has been here for a year or two but just discovered the Hash.
Eremia Otilia – From Romania. She is here to program knitting machines.

Second Timers:
Selina Maard (Silicon Free) – Daughter of Eric & Merette

RA: Down, downs awarded to:-
Hares – For setting a good Hash, also for sending all hashers out on false pretences (hundreds of topless ladies on the beach. Not one was observed).
The RA awarded himself one for inadvertently referring to the Hash as a “race”.
The RA complained bitterly that hashers do not make enough noise these days. They should call ‘On, On’ when they think that they are on the right trail.
The RA then went on to his other vocation (sex advisor) and proceeded to nominate the most inspiring ladies of the day. He called out Eremia for her “follow me” posterior and Selina for her “genuine silicon free” front end.
Next Hash, the ladies will be asked to nominate the sexiest man.

Smelly toilet seat award:
Jackie awarded this prize to Peter the Engineer because it is in need of maintenance. It is very rough and causes severe discomfort when used for a long time.

Hare Line:
#356 – 24th February; Alan “Strong on” & Gilbert “Dodocop”
#357 – 10th March; John “Little John” & Charlie “Scrungebucket” ??
#358 – 24th March, Blob – Camping Hash ??
#359 – 7th April; Rey “Hot pants”

Food – line:
Sylvia & Brigitte

Directions to next Hash to be held at 10am on Sunday, 24th February 2002
PONT NATUREL RUN: Motorway South from Curepipe.
5 km from Nouvelle France turn right to Gros Bois and L’Escalier.
Turn left at L’Escalier. Go through Malakoff to Trois Boutiques.
Turn right at first shop, called “Bobby Store” to Carreau Acacia.
2 km of straight road. At first sharp left hand bend, go straight into sugar fields. Follow HASH signs to Pont Naturel.

Supreme Beings:Tony “Barnacle Bill” Ward –
Trailmaster:Clarence Babet & Charlie Scrimgeour
Cellarmaster:Tony “Barnacle Bill” Ward
Hash Horn:“Blob” Latimer
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:Eric “Hot-dog” Maard; deputy David “Shorty” Colbert
Barbecue Bearer:Dave “Shorty” Colbert
Ice Maiden:Peter “Long Zip” Attig
Ha$h Ca$h:Tom & Geeta “Tinkerbel”
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:“Lord & Lady” Russell
Hash Market:Dave “Shorty” Colbert & Juliette “Snow White”
Edit Hare and Webmaster:Bob Russell assisted by volunteer’s

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