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Mauritius Hash Trash 418

25-07-2004 Le Souffleur Alan #418

The Hare
Alan (who had exchanged with John-Francois who had been abroad)

The Venue
Le Souffleur: Lovely site and marvellous weather – weren’t we lucky?

The Run
A rugged coastline; beaches; farmland; woodland; a lake; country lanes; streams – what else do you want? Flour, you say! There even seemed plenty of that. The search ability skills of the front-runners seem to be suffering, partly because most of them stand on the “X” and shout, “Are you?”

The Hare reports that for the first time in his long Hash career, there were no complaints!

The Circle (Bob was our GM for the day)
Virgins – Ruben, Felicity, Laura, Helen, Alastair, Olivier, another Laura, Andry
Second Timers – Valerie, Nicola, David, Aline, Nathali, Catherine, Paloma.
Announcements – Pascale and Gilbert’s baby – congrats.
Next Hash – David and Juliette in the North.

RAs – Punishments (Annan was our RA for the day)
Dave and wife; Brigitte… for being absent for a while.
Catherine for being Mrs. Obigadoo…a reward for being Hash Fashionable.
Claude and Perry…for talking to the ladies during the whole of the RAs advisory session.
Theo…for being a good (new) Hasher and pissing on the right side.
Julliette… for being a Birthday Girl.

The Smelly Blue
Gilbert (Dodocop) gave it to Nicola for sniffing at it and for saying the Smelly Blue was “Smelly”.

Alan “Strong-On”…AGAIN
Where are you Tom?

Alan’s Receding Hareline:
DateRun No.Hares   –   Area
8th August419David & Juliette
22nd August420Jean Francois / Michelle / Brigitte
5th September421Jack Hall “The Jackel”
19th September422Gilbert “Dodocop”
3rd October423Etienne & Merielle
17th October424Rey
31st October425(Free)
Phone: Trailmaster…….Alan – 675 0365

1. Would hashers please note that there is a deposit (money) on glass bottles (beer, softies)! Please do not throw them away, leave them on the beach or with the rubbish (or even take them home).
2. Walks take place on most Sundays when there is no Hash. See the “Friendly walks” page for details.

Supreme Being:Leslie Nimmo
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on” Grihault
Cellarmaster:Andy “The Hustler” Belfitt
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:Eric “Hot Dog” Maard, deputy: Alan “Strong On” Grihault
Barbecue Bearer:Dave “Shorty” Colbert
Ice Maiden:Rey Joseph
Ha$h Ca$h:Claudia Carey
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Jean Ramiah
Hash Market:Juliette “Snow White” & David “Shorty” Colbert
Edit Hare:Tom “Decoy” Williams, Sarah, Marie-Claude, Bob etc.
Always willing deputy Edit Hare:Sarah “Coffee Mate” Grihault
Webmaster:Bob Russell ( )
Website:  OR

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