Mauritius Hash Trash 452

30-10-2005 Pereybere Kiwi Group (boat Builders) #452


Hares:Kiwi Group

New Comers:Truria from France and Kevisen from Mtius.

Second timers: Sepp and the Japanese guy (don’t remeber his name)

Clarence being absent, Alan acted as grand master; he congratulated the kiwis for the excellent hash: we were offered 2 beer stops (orange juice and water stops, good for the health). we spent a beautiful at their bungalow in Pereybere. Alan was exempted d-d as we had second timers. he took the opportunity to thank Sylvia and myself for the food but also to all the women who volunteer each Sunday hash for the cooking. Then, he asked our honourable religious advisor to take over.

John’s performance was just grandiose. He found out that Leslie and Marie Claude has been living together; they were sinners and not worthy to go paradise and they had to get married immediately. we had our first hash wedding ceremony. Our minister John dressed himself properly (you cannot officiate, stripped to the waist and with sexy shorts). Claudia and myself were the flower girls. After the hilarious ceremony he blessed the nice couple.

Eric returned the filthy blue tee-shirt but he presented a brand new blue one; as it should be a shame to soil it, he proposed to donate the tee-shirt to the best courageous, sincere, helpful and brave hasher. The idea is accepted and the GM will have the responsibility to choose the right person at the end of the year. Unfortunately, the circle ended sadly because Eric received an anonymous letter in which he was told that he upsets people everytime he comes to the hash, he likes arguing…etc and hashers prefer to stay at home. The letter was read by the hashers present and we remained wordless. Leslie and Alan said “it was deplorable for a hasher to behave in such a way. We are free to come or not to the hash. Such behaviour is unacceptable”.

The next hash will be held at Ilot Brocus in the South. Let us hope that disgraceful act never happens again and long live to the Mauritian hash!

Your edit-hare

Alan’s Receding Hareline:
DateRun No.Hares   –   Area
13th November453Jacques, Rosemary & Alan. Ilot Brocus!
27th November454Leslie & Anand
11th December455Tusha, Perry & Isobel
17th December456Saturday PM. Xmas Bash Barry & John
8th January457Clarence
22nd January458Rey
Phone: Trailmaster…….Alan – 675 0365 (H) or 790 9782 (M)
Claudia’s Advancing Foodline:
DateRun No.Cooks
16th October451Jackie
30th October452??
Phone: Kitchen Mistress ……. Claudia (???)


1. There is an alternative “Sunset Hash” once every 4 weeks (arranged not to coincide with this Hash). Held at 4pm on Saturdays.

2. Would hashers please note that there is a deposit ( money ! ) on glass bottles (beer, softies). Please put them in the crates, do not leave them on the beach or with the rubbish (or even take them home).

Supreme Being:Clarence Babet
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on” Grihault
Cellarmaster:Rob Swingler
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious Advisor and    Sex Councillors:“John the Baptist” Cabrielli
Barbecue Bearer:Dave “Shorty” Colbert
Ice Maiden:Bob “Lord” Russell + Peter “Long zip” Attig
Ha$h Ca$h:Claudia Carey
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Philidia Ramiah
Hash Market:Marie-Andrée
Edit Hare:Henriette Decotter, Stand-in: Marie-Claude or anyone who can write
Webmaster:Bob Russell ( )
Website:  OR

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