902 Hash Run GREEN POND RUN 17.3.24

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Run: 902

Location: Bambou

Hare(s): Hares Harry Go Lucky & Kenny.


From the north take the Petite Riviere Road from Richelieu (Montée S, Grande River North West) and follow through the villages of Gros Cailloux , Canot, and Bambous. Just after Bambous Village, a Hash sign will direct you to the On on spot in Avenue Dragon 🐉 at the public garden.
From anywhere else take the Phoenix-Beau Songes link road from Phoenix Mall to Cascavelle traffic lights where you turn RIGHT and follow through to the On on marked by the hash sign some one kilometer further.

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Ready to join the fun at our event?

Ready to join the fun at our event?

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Notice to all Hashers

Participants in Mauritius Hash House Harriers’ (MH3) Runs and activities expressly waive their right to pursue the Committee of MH3,
their agents, servants or assigns, for any loss, including injury and personal loss, howsoever caused, while participating in M3H Runs and its associated events.

Please check this page just before departing in case there is any last-minute change (weather etc.)

All sporty ‘Hashers’ are welcome but it is important for us to have an idea of how many will be present so that drink (and food where applicable) can be provided.

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