Mauritius Hash Trash 304

16-01-2000 Midlands Tusia Joseph #304

Greetings Hashers Due to computer and numerous other problems, the usual Hash Trash could not be put together.  I hope everything will be back to ‘normal’ for the next one.   My thanks to Stand-in Edit Hare, Alan Oliphant for taking the notes at the Hash and for helping out with my computer problems. Hash #304, 16 January 2000

First Timers Four first timers, mainly as a result of our Religious Advisor introducing more of his harem – Welcome to Rosemary Wong Kai In; Anita Williamson and daughter Coral Milne; and, Uwe Marcziuski holidaying from Germany.  Hope to see you all at the next one.

Second Timers Only one – Zebra the fashion statement, after collecting the fashion award on his first Hash, came back and took a Down Down, even tried to provide his own beer for the occasion.  He will go far!

Children’s Award In the safe hands of Susie – bring it along next time.  Even without the actual award, it was unanimously awarded to Gav the Bok’s lad for being one of the few who actually did the whole Hash (without taking a short cut like some Supreme Beings who shall remain nameless).

Smelly Blue T-Shirt Snow White picked up her second award of the day (she also got the fashion award, but the Ed forgot to include this with the Trash – Asst Ed) as Mireille wanted it to remain in female hands.  Wow – two Down Downs in one day!

Happy Hashers Award The ugly, gilded, bad taste musical thing went to The Rentons who are expecting the patter of tiny feet, although if they are anything like Alan’s, Anne is going to have her work cut out!

Gay Singles Award Keith doesn’t need this now his wife is back on the Island so he passed it on to another single man – Jacques the Quack – look after him kindly!

Car on a bit of Wood Award Went to Mandy for parking out of line.

Religious Advisor/Sex Councillor Our R.A./S.C. regaled us with a couple of amusing stories, sans Jimmy!  Gave us the real meaning of Christmas and the New Year?!

Special Down Down A well deserved Down Down to The Hares for setting such a simple (!), dry (!), and easy (!) Hash.  (At least I managed to do the whole thing Kev – Asst. Ed).

Hash  Business Thanks to Jean-Francois for the great food.

Next Hash #305, 1000 hrs, 30 January 2000 Hares:  Dagmar and Detlev Directions: Coming from the North heading to Bambous, go through the village.  300 m after the sharp left bend turn right to Medine Sugar Estate (Hash sign).  After 1200 m turn right to ” La Mecque ” to find our
meeting-point after 300 m.
Coming from the South head for Bambous to turn left to Medine Sugar Estate (Hash sign) SHORT BEFORE you pass the sharp bend at the beginning of Bambous village. See you all there.  On. On. Hare Line #306, 13 February 2000 – VOLUNTEERS PLEASE #307, 27 February 2000 – VOLUNTEERS PLEASE Food Line #305, 30 January 2000 – Peter Bukowski #306, 13 February 2000 – VOLUNTEERS PLEASE or reverse alphabet #307, 27 February 2000 – Jennifer Fleurot Web Site Web Meister Oliphant has been busy setting up our new web page and it is ready!!  Give the man a Down Down!!  Check it out https://www.mhash.comHash Humour – an oldie but a goldie

In an ancient monastery in a faraway place, a new monk arrived to join his brothers in copying books and scrolls in the monastery’s scriptorium.  He was assigned to be a replicator on copies of books that had already been copied by hand.

One day, he asked Father Florian (the rather ancient head of the scriptorium), “Does not the copying by hand of other copies allow for error?  How do we know we are not copying the mistakes of someone else? Are they ever checked against the original?”

Father Florian was taken aback by the observation of this youthful monk. “A very good point, my son. I will take one of the books down to the vault and compare it against the original.”

Father Florian went down to the vault and began his verification. After a day had passed, the monks began to worry and went looking for the old priest. They were sure something must have happened. As they approached the vault, they heard crying.

When they opened the door, they found Father Florian sobbing over the new copy and the original ancient book, both of which were opened before him on the table. It was obvious to all that the poor man had been crying his heart out for a long time.

“What is the problem, Reverend Father?” asked one of the monks.

“Oh, my God, my God,” sobbed the priest. “In the ancient book of the sacred rites of priesthood…the word is ‘celebrate.'”

HASH MISH-MANAGEMENT Supreme Beings Latimer (6963815) & Kevin Murray (7210576) Trailmaster: Lord Russell Cellarmaster: Julie & John Hash Horn: Yves “BoogieWoogie” Robert Fashion Advisor: Sylvia Religious Adv/Sex Councillor: Leslie Nimno Barbecue Bearer: David ‘Shortie’ Colbert Ice Maiden: Dagmar Neubacher Ha$h Ca$h: David ‘Shortie’ Colbert Drinks for Wimps and Kids: Julie & John Bangers and Hash: Reverse Alphabet Hash Market: Bob Tumblety Web Meister: Alan Oliphant


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