#896 Red Dress Run

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Saturday 16 December, 2023 10:00

Dear Hashers,

We’re excited to announce our upcoming Reddress Hash scheduled for the 16th of December, 2023! Here are some key details:

Cost: The participation fee is RS800. However, for those who have hashed with us at least three times since June 2023, a special discounted rate of RS400 applies.
Refreshments: Beer and soft drinks will be provided courtesy of the HASH. For those who prefer whisky, wine, or other spirits, please feel free to bring your own.
Payment Deadline: All payments must be made to Claudia by this Sunday, December 3, 2023.
Let’s gear up for another fantastic hashing adventure! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🍻

The Hash Committee

Next Run Info:

Run: #896




Directions for the Party:
From the South, drive to Calodyne. You may go through Grand Baie, Petit Raffray or Goodlands.
In Calodyne, take Debacadere Road (to the left of the Indian Oil petrol station if you are facing the sea from the main road) until you read the last Complex on the right. There is a gate you will enter and then you will find us by the sea at the far side of the Complex.

Please note there is limited parking in the Complex so please try to park outside and walk in; there is plenty of parking on the road or by the sea.

Click here for Google™ Driving Directions

Directions for the next run have not yet been received. Watch this space!

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Notice to all Hashers

Participants in Mauritius Hash House Harriers’ (MH3) Runs and activities expressly waive their right to pursue the Committee of MH3,
their agents, servants or assigns, for any loss, including injury and personal loss, howsoever caused, while participating in M3H Runs and its associated events.

Please check this page just before departing in case there is any last-minute change (weather etc.)

All sporty ‘Hashers’ are welcome but it is important for us to have an idea of how many will be present so that drink (and food where applicable) can be provided.

Please enter the details below by the latest 12:00hrs Friday, (46 hours before event start)

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