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Mauritius Hash Trash 573

04-07-2010 “Yes we can!” Run (Alma) Didier and Pierre Andre Juliette and Co #573

I was asked to take the minutes of the 573 Hash due to the absence of the normal scribe Olivier. Unaccustomed as I am to actually paying any sort of attention during the Hash circle (sorry but its true) I agreed to do so as the promise of a chair to sit on was too tempting. I apologise in advance if any names are incorrect but here goes nothing:

After a very muddy and hilly hash the grandmaster thanked the hairs for their valiant efforts in setting a trail which proved to be full of ups and downs (mainly ups I may add). Thank goodness the weather held off and apart from muddy legs overall the trail was well set and relatively easy to follow. However, the circle started rather late due to some people getting lost and having to be brought back by truck. I heard a rumour that they were German and although you may be doing well in the football getting lost on the hash is a cardinal sin and I would have liked to have seen some strong punishment there. If for nothing else than they beat England in the football…….again.

After everyone was computed the GM, looking as fetching as ever, introduced the 4 newcomers

Lady in red (sorry forgot your name)

All agreed they would come to the hash again although Gerald and Ramsay said they would prefer to do half a hash (WHAT) and Gavin would come again in 9 years time?????????

The second timers received their usual down down and were christened as now being fully fledged hashers.

The Religious Advisor (RA) then began his customary lecture by handing out sweets to the poor England supporters in order to soften the blow of England’s exit from the world cup. The RA recounted a very disturbing story of a friend of his who had an unfortunate stammer due to a rather large ‘ whatsit’ (isn’t that some sort of crisp). The only cure apparantly was to have a transplant of a much shorter one. The ‘ whatsit’ in question was 15inches long and a much shorter one was required to cure the stammer. I would like to point out at this point that several lady hashers agreed that they could have easily put up with a stammer and that 15inches seemed a pretty average size!. The operation was a success and the hasher in question was cured of his stammer. Unfortunately Mrs ? was non too happy with his new appendage and refused to you know what more than once every 3 weeks. When the patient asked his doctor for a reverse operation the doctor surprisingly refused and surprise surprise now had a stammer himself !!!!!!!

The moral of this story being be thankful for what you have.

Going back to the football again the RA was very upset to see 2 hashers blatantly supporting teams that were OUT of the world cup and insisted they be dealt with severely. The two teams in question were Argentina and the USA. The shameless hashers were publicly flaunting the words Argentina and the USA across their chests and had to be stopped. Veronica and Rey SHAME ON YOU. However, we will let Rey off as it was after all the 4th July Independence today so as long as he doesn’t wear it again during football season all is forgiven.

The hash hostage appears to be still at large with whereabouts unknown so no new hostage was selected, The circle was therefore concluded with an important announcement.


The next Hash Bash will be at Geo’s restaurant in Black River on 24th July. Tickets will be on sale next week and on the door of the 24th. Prices 350 rupees for hashers and guests 700 rupees. You are free to bring your own booze or softies and there will be dancing and music. No young children please as this is an evening event starting at 18:30 (ie evening for the benefit of the hasher who seemed to think we are all stupid enough to get up at the crack of dawn and start drinking)

The Hash Mish-Management Team
OfficeThe 2009 / 2010 team
Supreme Being:Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Jean (Deputy: Pierre-André)
Hash Horn:Geerish-ish
Religious and Sex Advisor:Leslie
Ice Maiden:Michael
Ha$h Ca$h:Chantalle (Deputy: Henriette)
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Harold
Hash Market:(Vacant ??)
Edit Hare:Olivier (Deputy: Sara G)
Kitchen Mistress:Philida (Phone: 492 0609)

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