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Mauritius Hash Trash 562

31-01-2010 Reduit (Apollo Hospital) Pierre Andre Marie Andree #562

GM DODOCOP requested the circle up at 1.10 pm!

CONGRATULATIONS to Pierre André as he raised the standards regarding the setting up of the trail. This was a fantastic run and Pierre André you deserve a score of 13 and hence accordingly a DOWN DOWN as reward for one of the finest hash!!!

FIRST TIMERS/VIRGINS: (7 new comers namely,)
Ed from USA,
Svetlana from Poland,
Jerome from Mauritius,
Carlin, Ashley, Catherine from South Africa and
Pieter from Germany.

Down down was given to Jacqueline.

Before handing over to the RA, our GM told the hashers to get used to the counter on the hash website to pre register them for the next hash. This shall be useful for those who are preparing the food and bringing the beers and soft drinks.
Our GM also took this opportunity to thank those hashers who are helping for organising the hash.

Like-a-virgin story
Then stepped in our RA who announced a little story about one of our hashers (who is not here today) – we shall call him Robin – met his wife-to-be some time ago.
We shall call her Mary – for reasons about to be obvious!
Robin was ‘head over heels’ about Mary – but she had a confession to make.
“I have been married three times before” said Mary.
“Three times!” exclaimed Robin.
“But I am still a virgin” said Mary.
“How can that be?” questioned Robin.
“Well my first husband was a gynecologist and just wanted to examine me all the time – so I divorced him!” said Mary.
“And the second husband?” said Robin.
“Well he was no better – he was an artist – and just wanted to paint pictures of me all the time – so I divorced him too” said Mary.
“But the third husband, ooooh, he was …. ooooh I do miss him! – my legs still tremble at the thought of him – he was a philatelist (a stamp collector) but he died of consumption!”
Now Robin is off to marry the virgin, Mary and we wish them well.
I see some of you ladies have trembling legs at the thought of the last husband!
The moral of the story is if you are in love do not let the previous baggage get in your way of happiness.

Fashion star:
The RA informed the circle that, among the hashers today, was present the most fashionable man hasher. Jerome, our new comer, impressed everyone with his hash outfit of the day. Down Down for being a true model at the hash.

Lost hasher
A lady with a baby got lost on the trail and according to investigations, she got lost because of her dear husband.
Down Down for Mr. husband for having been a handicap to his wife and baby.

Hash Hostage
Our trail master Jean who is our hash hostage for this run selected Juliette, alias snow white, as our new hash hostage.
Down down for Juliette.


Last word of thanks to Marie Andrée who did the food.


The Hash Mish-Management Team
OfficeThe 2009 / 2010 team
Supreme Being:Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Jean (Deputy: Pierre-André)
Hash Horn:Geerish-ish
Religious and Sex Advisor:Leslie
Ice Maiden:Michael
Ha$h Ca$h:Chantalle (Deputy: Henriette)
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Harold ??
Hash Market:Marie-Claire, Eileen (Deputy: Henriette)
Edit Hare:Olivier (Deputy: Zandré)
Kitchen Mistress:Philida (Phone: 492 0609)

Mauritius Hash House Harriers. We run (walk) every second Sunday at 10 a.m.

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