Mauritius Hash Trash 532

30-11-2008 Ilot Brocus Jacques and Rosemarie Sybille #532

Hello there all you TRASH-A-HOLICS!
Follow me on a secret walk in the woods, into mysterious nooks and corners of undiscovered beauty; come help me dig out the treasures of our lovely island!

Run 532 ~ wows
Today’s run was absolutely fantastic, I think everyone will agree – I am sure this must have been one of the most beautiful spots in Mauritius, enough to get poetic about!

Circle Clowning

GM Alan had RA Alistair right next to him, partners in crime to try and establish some kind of order in the circle.

hash 532

The GM had a bee in his bonnet and announced an end of circle VOTE of the SEXIEST

between GM ALAN the Snake or RA Alistair the Animal.

This could be a tough zoological challenge, let’s hope he forgets all about it …?

Jacques and Rosemarie got a very well deserved applause for their efforts, and after some discussions about the score of the trail on the Rosemarie scale, we agreed on an all time high 12.75 out of 13 …..And John wanted the GM to explain it to the kids on an abacus!

Ha! But…just as they thought they would get off lightly …it was brought to our attention how the guilty hares missed something very important on the trail by just about 50 metres…Pointe Naturel…and naturally Jacques had to down a beer for this terrible sin.

Moving on!!!

GM Alan was very impressed by how some of the first timer ladies wore their swimming costumes and congratulated them…nudge nudge wink : say no more!

first timer
Malcolm & Shirley (Wales)
Chris (Jersey)
Lily (Mauritius)
Dominick (France)
Marie Christine (France)
Jean Michel & Corinne (oooops where from??)
John (UK) – he confessed that he was an accountant working for a bank….HOW ORIGINAL!
And who knows why everyone wanted his phone number after making sure he wasn’t working for ICELAND!?
Susan (UK) – she shares a very honourable profession with two members of the hierarchy, oooh, wonder what that could be, Alan & Martin???
Now we have THREE TEACHERS in the hash, we better watch our step; I can just see who will be getting detention soon!

WOW – is that a mouthful or what?

2 timer

Sharon (Mauritius)
Mara (Jamaica) – she popped in after almost two years and definitely deserved her welcome back down-down ~

RA Alistair graced us with his Rock Dog presence – new collar with diamanté-lock and all – and thought he might be able to sneak into the circle without being noticed…

But ALAS our Captain Nemo and Chris our Beer Master were both competing with their bottles on their heads to PUNISH the RA – saying they didn’t recognise him because of a LOST SIN from the last Hash…whereby the RA got so lost whilst searching for Herman the Merman & his pineapples that he decided to give up & go back home!
So the GM had to interfere and remind everyone that the only authority that could punish the RA was the GM himself, and with wholehearted agreement from the circle, he had to down that beer not only for abandoning us but also for his NEW SHOES, oh yeah, a double whammy !

So as you can see, the RA has set a good example of what was about to happen next!

1 ~ calling in the three troublemakers …Leslie, Chris & (shy) John.

As we were not all aware, today was St.Andrews Day…the Patron of Scotland.
The three Scottish Stooges were interrogated by the (4th Scottish Stooge) RA on how long they have NOT LIVED in Scotland.
Leslie ~ 11 years, John ~ 20 years, Chris ~ 32 years

Whereby the RA confessed that a Scotsman would do anything for his country except…LIVE IN IT!!! So they were ordered to sing the national anthem and it was then decided that it should be a good idea to sing the MAURITIAN National Anthem instead since they were now in Mauritius…
(These Scots can never make up their minds!)
But they didn’t know the words so Chris made up a little limerick …
“Phoenix is a nice beer
Phoenix tastes good
Give us a Phoenix”
(I doubt if Phoenix Breweries would ask him to give up his day job to compose lyrics for them)…
So Captain Nemo saved the day by saying the Scottish Grace:

“Some hae meat and canna eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
And sae the Lord be thankit.”
Robert Burns

2 ~ REY ~ Hot Pants! The RA wanted to welcome Rey back from Canada after a long absence and thanked him for finally being on scene again with his camera to take up his hash flash duties…

3 ~ ZAN ~ For the wacky trash notes AND for booking Peter on a flight A DAY LATE for their wedding anniversary, this certainly gives new meaning to the word MIS-MANAGEMENT!!!

(Webcam – I would like to thank Rey for always helping to post my trash scribbles & doodles & pictures on the web, even while away in Canada – he is a w.w.w.whizz)

4 ~ who would have thought that you could mark school papers on a hash? Martin!!! He just had to be punished for this heinous act and it was suggested to really make him pay by letting him down WATER instead of BEER, but he was saved by the bar ladies who didn’t have any water – he had to go down on his knees and got a very wet shower from all the kids who saw their one chance of (maybe ever) getting such revenge on a teacher!
Once upon a time there was a Pink named Floyd that sang…”hey..Teacher! Leave them kids alone!”

Priscilla couldn’t decide who to honour with the Smelly Blue. She wanted us to know how courageous she was for wearing it even if she doesn’t drink alcohol (a teetotaller wearing a smelly stale beer t-shirt, yep I’d say that does take a degree of courage), so she called out CLAUDE for telling her she looked beautiful in the Smelly Blue, and BERTRAND for also telling her she looked beautiful but WITHOUT HER T-SHIRT… he really put his foot in it and had to strip and bear the smelly shower! Afterwards he started HUGGING everybody, thus spreading some smelly magic all over!

Rey is our red hot hare and wanted us to know that we will be SPREADING LOADS OF LOVE on that day, by visiting a children’s hospital and also distributing gifts/cookies/sweets to kids on the streets of Mahebourg – so please use your imagination, get those GIVING JUICES flowing and let’s put on our happy shoes and share some happiness with others.
Start practising your Christmas Carols in the shower – that is an order!!!

Please watch the web for announcements about the Bus and please inform Henriette if you want to come, at this stage I believe there won’t be many seats left.

MARTIN’S JAZZ PARTY – Rs 100 per head – Saturday 6 December, 19h30, bring your own drinks & nibbles and come have fun.

Thanks to Sybile for today’s HOT DOGS, they really went down well, and thanks also to Rosemarie and Jennifer and everybody w ho contributed with the cakes and even coffee, ooh la la – we were really spoilt!

Dress ye up bright red
The Grand Master said…
Come join us on the Red Run
You’ll have so much fun!

OH NO!!!
Santa got entangled
Under the mistletoe!
Deary me
He got stuck
In the chimney!

Zan – Your Edit Hare Web snaps

hash 532 image017

Our very own Stonehenge – mysterious circle in the sugarcane

hash 532 image019
hash 532 image022

Spectacular Scenery

PS – bet none of you realised that we never voted who was the sexiest?
I guess the challenge will overflow into the next trash…
So don’t stray too far away!
The Hash Mish-Management Team Supreme Being: Alan “Strong On”

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Deputy: Alan “Strong on”; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782

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Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write) Kitchen Mistress: Marie Jo (Tel. 453 9675) & Sarah as gourmet deputy

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