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Mauritius Hash Trash 530

02-11-2008 Bassin Patrice and Ettiene Harry #530

Halloween Hash.
HELLO all you WEENERS !!!
After recent HALLOWEEN activities today’s hash promised to be full of surprises.

Run 530 ~ spookabouts
The hares dished out a delicious menu of mountains, woods, gorgeous views & sunny skies…
All the ingredients to make any hash just yummy.

Circle Magic
RA Alistair chipped in to congratulate GM Alan for running along & going with the flow despite not feeling too well today – yippee yippee yay.


Calling in the HARES!
Today’s sums:
Lovely landscape + Excellent Hash = 12/13 on Rosemarie’s Scale.

1 timer
” Sharon took the opportunity to broadcast that she was SINGLE & naturally all the men wanted to have her phone number.
” GM Alan remarked that it was so nice to see that some hashers go to the hairdresser just for the hash & that some think the Hash is a dating agency – so all in favour of establishing a HASH LONELY HEARTS CLUB, please report at the trash desk

2 timer
GM Alan pulled a fast trick on Leslie & oh so very kindly asked him to be his deputy GM for the day… as soon as Captain Nemo took the bait and they exchanged hats, the second timers were called out and then stand-in GM Leslie realised WHY he was offered this honour…..there were NO SECOND TIMERS and therefore the GM should get a DOWN-DOWN!!!
So GM Leslie substituted GM Alan & downed his beer for him.
Can you see what friendship means in the hash…..we even down beers for each other, now isn’t that what hashers are for?

Hash 530 image007 1

Sorry about that…
Try again ~ INVESTITURE! Dodocop, our current Trail Master, will be away for 2 months and the GM handed over the Trail Duties to Inspector David in Dodocop’s absence.

Oooooooooh La La the Good Wish Witch hash crash landed and lost her black cat.

Hash 530 image010 1

HA! RA Alistair safely landed on his 4 paws when he jumped off the Good Wish Witch’s Broom and used up one of his nine lives to welcome us all – dressed tres sexy in his CAT OUTFIT. BONJOUR MES HASHERS EXTRAORDINAIRE !!!
RA Tales

Alistair was sporting a very cool black Tail and was inspired to tell us a few tales.
He inquired how everyone was feeling about the credit crunch and global recession….and spoke about a car dealer that told him the only deposits he got were from the pigeons on his brand new BMW (still……better having a new BMW decorated by pigeons than just a plain old Volkswagen! Dontcha think so? What is the guy complaining about?)

I guess the RA wanted to improvise an impromptu live joke with human props but half of his actors were missing ~ Dodocop had left and GM Alan was not all there (feeling poorly), so with this recession on the RA’s stage it was time to MOVE ON to more down & dirty matters!

1 ~ Our RA was late today…but noticed that someone else was later than himself…TIM
(Who brought the very well awaited ICE and without whom we would’ve had WARM BEER) –
Another reason for this honorary down-down is that Tim is leaving Mauritius so this is also a formal farewell …here’s to the PROXY ICE MAN …for he’s a jolly good fellow and so say all of us – BON VOYAGE & congratulations on the coming of Baby nr. 2!


The point of the Ra’s TALE was that he was so impressed with Friday Night’s Halloween Party that he decided to keep his TAIL as a scary addition to the RA’s Rock Costume.
Aaaaah let me see…

What’s New Pussycat…oh no sorry that’s Tom Jones…
Pussycat Dolls? No that’s too girly…
Puss in Boots? No that’s Walt Disney…
Who let the CATS out? No man…it’s the bleedin’ DOGS.
CAT ROCK. Noooooooooo you mean Kid Rock.
Oh pizza I give up.

Hee Hee sorry I got carried away a hallo weeny little there…

The RA wanted to thank Jacquelin & Marie Claire, Eileen & Marie France for their efforts with the recent notorious Halloween Party, they were not here today but they will surely be honoured next time

Hash 530 image016 1

2 ~ the second d~d goes to…someone angelic, sweet, beautiful & innocent. Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Henriette! The RA wanted us to guess who she dressed up as …on Halloween Night…was it the Fairy Princess? Was it Tinkerbelle? Hooooooooooooooooo…….
No…it was Freddie Kruger from the Nightmare on Elm Street …with scissor nails and mask and all the scary caboodle, and the RA was all too glad that she returned back to normal!
Moving on….I think the RA has forgotten what to do next. It must have been the sights of Freddie cutting open the mask’s mouth enabling HER to speak that put him under a memory loss spell.

He should be glad the witch didn’t turn him into a frog.

Now dear hashers we have a first ever dog down-down.

I told you…who let the dogs out?

Hash 530 image017

3 ~ Lucy, Eva’s little cute sausage dog, lifted her leg on the RA‘s shoe …oooh oooh oooh!!!

We all made excuses for her and said it was because he also had a tail!

So Eva had to take a proper Beer Downy and Lucy didn’t even take one sip from her water bowl to sympathise! This brings us to the next event or non event of the day!

GM Leslie called for the Smelly Blue but it was obvious that Patrick didn’t turn up at the hash today after Friday’s Eventful Halloween Happenings, thus sparing someone from a super scary smelly shower!

Thanks to Harry for today’s food and we hope that GM Alan feels better soon.

Hash 530 image020 1

Claude entered the circle & whispered something into GM Alan’s ear.
GM Alan thought that Claude the Rebel deserved a down-down for this…he told Alan that fresh milk (from a cow) was for sale at the sugar estate gates thus reminding the GM where milk comes from so he had to pay the price for presuming the GM didn’t know …
Tickets will be for sale as from the next hash.
Preliminary details are as follows ~
Date ~ Saturday 13 December 2008.
Time ~ 4 pm
Venue ~ Jardin Beau Vallon
Notes ~ Tickets at the door will cost you more!
Price ~ Rs 300 for regular hashers paying BEFOREHAND.
*******Rs 500 for guests and last minute tickets on the day at the door.
Bring your own Wine.

Inspector David announced the next Hare will be Martin at run 531, the venue will be disclosed at a later stage.



I just saw a witch
On a turbo broom
She rumble tumbled
Into my living room.

She’s a good wish witch
She has a tale to tell
Kazam Kazoomle
Winkle Sprinkle
Now you’re under her happy spell.

Goodbye my spooktacular mates!
Don’t forget your fresh cow milk at the sugar gates!

Hash 530 image22

Zan – your truly trashed out edit hare.

Hash 530 image23
Hash 530 image21
Hash 530 image24

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The Hash Mish-Management Team Supreme Being: Alan “Strong On” Hare Line + Trailmasters: Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
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Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write) Kitchen Mistress: Marie Jo (Tel. 453 9675) & Sarah as gourmet deputy

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