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Mauritius Hash Trash 527

21-09-2008 Cascavelle Claude and David H. Marie Claude #527

Welcome to the Trash Pages, served fresh from a hot & sunny Mauritius!
Join me on another jolly adventure…as I tell you all the told and untold juicy bits of trash you have been waiting to hear!

Run 527 ~ escapades

Today’s trail was quite flat and dry ~ with great panoramic views of the surrounding mountains from different angles and the Indian Ocean beckoning in the far background. We were blessed with friendly pre-summer sunshine and a crowd full of smiles!

Circle Episodes

GM Alan called everyone to order and entered the circle with his knightly “Brush-de-Loo” or as it is also called in simple English, his toilet brush…and his Halloween Blood & Brains Hat!
Eeeeuuuw…Check it out…

hash 527 image004

No sex in the circle!
The GM thought he saw the “Don” canoodling with Mary and was utterly scandalised … but he didn’t linger on this noodle too long and quickly called in the hares!

Front & circle centre, Claude & Dave!
Claude made his signature entrance bow as should be expected from a gentle hare like himself…and they received a grand applause for their efforts of making today’s run good, short and sweet rather than too long and hopeless.

Birthday Boy!

hash 527 image007

Our assistant brew master Kevisen, celebrated his BIG 11 today – he proudly downed his coca cola in excellent hash spirit and got a Union Jack from GM Alan as a special congratulatory token. Way to go, Kevi, you chose the right crowd to cheer for you on your special day!

John was his wild & witty self today, chipping in from the Peanut Gallery without putting a bottle on his head and sitting down in the circle ~ giving the GM the proverbial run for his money!


1 timer
Lucien (France)
Claude translated everything he said completely backwards and gave everyone a good laugh

2 timer
Claire (France)
Colette (UK)
Ursula & Julien (UK)


Silence for the RA!

RA Alistair graced us with his big bear voice and flawless French accent!
Bonjour Hashers Magnifique!

To my surprise the RA called Dodocop and your edit hare herself into the circle to be knighted as deputies by Signor GM who dubbed us on the shoulders with his “Brush-de-Loo”.

Ooh Ooh Ooh.

The second surprise on the RA’s list had something to do with his hash name ~ ROCK OFF, as we could all read on his t-shirt.
He explained that he got his name due to his insatiable love of rock music…and wanted some of us to taste how it felt to be Rock gods & goddesses…
So in came the line of volunteers!
Dodocop…John…Patti…Claude…Etienne & Harold!
Rhythm & voices please!


John decided to take the plunge and upset the RA’s applecart by introducing the note to
“In the jungle the mighty jungle…the lion sleeps tonight” and the whole circle followed suit!
Dee dee dee dee dee…… ah-wimbawe ah-wimbawe ah-wimbawe ah-wimbawe…
But before we got too wild RA “Rock Off” got us all back onto the rock and into line and we started clapping our hands to the tune of
“We will we will ROCK YOU
Aah ooh ooh aah !
Our Rock gods & desses did a brilliant job of it and got their five minutes in the RA’s spotlight.


1 ~ the RA had some feedback about misdemeanours with photographic evidence! It looks like we have a pap-hare-razzo in our midst; Carel was called in with his camera and his lovely Bea to tell us what his lens had witnessed, the heinous crime of stolen kisses on the hash! Could you guess?

Laurent & Melissa got caught out again! But, saved by that kiss…the down-down choice has come down to the snitches or the lovers…and the circle agreed… double d’s for the snitches Carel & Bea!

2 ~ we have another media star hasher who appeared on TV, in the newspaper and on the radio…and how many times has he mentioned the Hash? Uuuuuuuuuuhm……not even once! Chris!
Guilty as charged, he had to down it for his sheer forgetfulness.

Oh Pizza!
Have I missed something or did I get knocked on the head by a Tamarind Seed?

Before I knew it…and before the RA could give us his Sex tip of the day…the GM called out for none other than a very well loved character in the hash society…






on the GM’s mind was if EILEEN wore the Smelly Blue during the run ? ? ?

NO she didn’t…and the RA stepped in to stress this as a very serious offence, and suggested she made amends by running around a little bit in the Smelly Blue – so she did a merry-go-round!!!

She then decided she wanted to pass it on to Marie Claire not as a punishment but as an honour…

hash 527 image018

Well done Marie Claire…Smelly Shower Girl Power!

A BIG THANK YOU to Marie Claude for today’s food…and for Kevisen’s lovely blue birthday cake surprise!
We also had delicious Neapolitan’s from Kevisen’s grandma ~

Double Wow!
Great eats
Yummy sweets
& brilliant atmosphere!

The next hash will be somewhere not too far from La Cambuse…or so Dodocop said…
Watch this web!

Split Splat
Halloween Hat
I’m afraid my trash battery is completely flat!

See you all soon
Never be shy…
Super duper Hashy byes!

Zan ~ Your Edit Hare

The Hash Mish-Management Team
Supreme Being:Alan “Strong On”
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Gilbert “Dodocop”; Tel: (M)910 4062
Deputy: Alan “Strong on”; Tel: (H)675 0365, (M)790 9782
Cellarmaster:Chris & Tess (beer-a-dor/labrador) & Deputy Bob
Hash Horn:Blob “Supremous Blobus”
Religious and Sex Advisor:Alistair
Ice Man:Dave H.
Ha$h Ca$h:Henriette
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Harold
Hash Market:Marie-Claude
Edit Hare:Zandré,
Stand-in: Adrienne (or anyone who can write)
Kitchen Mistress:Marie Jo (Tel. 453 9675) & Sarah as gourmet deputy

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