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Mauritius Hash Trash 471

23-07-2006 Creve Coeur Clarence #471

Venue:Creve Coeur     


First Timers:Mary, Gaby & Vicky from Austria
Second Timer:Patty,hris,eap and Rudolph

Alan,our G.M for 2 more weeks,thanked the hashers for waiting for the last comers. I wonder why they took so much time (Claude was among them….) as the trail was well set.Bravo Clarence, nice spots along the path. Alan welcome the new comers while the second timers enjoyed their down-down.

Mr Zipper Hash Flash, our new photographer, told our G.M that he copied quite a few hash photos on a CD which he handed over and Leslie volunteered to do more copies for those interested. You will get them on the next hash. Thanks Leslie.

Jennifer, our smart lady, who received the smelly blue tee-shirt a month ago, did not show up … she is probably still washing it.

John the Baptist is wild… the flour marks along the trail were miles away and you know why? Clarence and Louis, the cow-boy who helped him set the trail in a car. Shame on them, they were forgiven but nevertheless deserved a punishment. Our R.A praised Claudia for her athletics feet. She was absolutely magnificent, like a gazelle, on this hash. She deserved a reward… guesse what ! !

Alan thanked Alain for the delicious food. The next hash will be in Tamarin and Edwina volunteer for the food.
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                          Receding Hareline                Advancing Foodline  

Date         Run No.      Hares                            Cooks    

                          Trailmaster…….Alan (Tel. 675 0365 (H) or 790 9782 (M)

                          Deputy Trail Master…Dodocop 910 4062 (M) 

                          Kitchen Mistress ……. Claudia (Tel. 261 6327) 



1. There is an alternative “Sunset Hash” once every 4 weeks (arranged not to coincide with this Hash). Held at 4pm on Saturdays.

2. Would hashers please note that there is a deposit ( money ! ) on glass bottles (beer, softies). Please put them in the crates, do not leave them on the beach or with the rubbish (or even take them home).


Supreme Being: Martin Webb

Hare Line + Trailmaster: Alan "Strong on" Grihault 

Cellarmaster: Rob Swingler 

Hash Horn: Robert "Blob" Latimer 

Religious Advisor and    Sex Councillors: "John the Baptist" Cabrielli 

Barbecue Bearer: Dave "Shorty" Colbert 

Ice Maiden: Barry Bently 

Ha$h Ca$h: Edwina Swingler 

Drinks for Wimps 'n Kids: Philidia Ramiah 

Hash Market: Marie-Andrée 

Edit Hare: Henriette Decotter 

Stand-in: Marie-Claude or anyone who can write 

Web updating: "Hot pants" Rey  

Web page design : Bob Russell ( ) 

Website:  OR 

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