Mauritius Hash Trash 430

18-12-2004 Mug – Phoenix Andy & Alan #430

Hares: Andy & Alan

Venue: MUG – Phoenix


Food: David & Juliette plus contributions from many, many Hashers.

A surprisingly interesting run all around Phoenix (without climbing Candos Hill) !
The trail led us through woods, along rivers, over the golf course, down back streets, through fields, under the motorway, through a tunnel etc etc etc. There was a certain curiosity on the part of the “natives” as all these grown men and women flashed past in red dresses. Yes about 90% were in either red dresses or Santa Clause outfits. Yours truly was also slightly abashed when my chauffeur (with all his family in the car) drew up beside me and asked it I needed a lift somewhere. How to explain that one on Monday morning?

Grand Master –

We had some virgins and also some second timers but we quite forgot to take notes so we will ask for forgiveness and not publish the names of the heroes this time.

Religious & Sex Advisor –

Yes, he (Alan the frequent stand-in) gave us a show but, as explained above, there is no Earthly record of the event. Very sorry Alan.

Grand Master –

Jimmy was still on holiday!
Our illustrious GM thanked all of the regular Hashers who have given Sterling service during the year by helping with the essential tasks (bringing the beer, the ice, the cold boxes, the soft drinks, the food, Hash-Cash, Hash Haberdashery and of course the intrepid Trail Master). He also wished all a happy Hogmanay!

Oh yes, we had a Hash Bash which went on until the wee small hours of Sunday. A great evening was had by one and all (as far as I know, I did any way). A good disk jockey who very ably chose the music to suit the ambiance! How did we manage to hop and skip about like young things after running 7 or 8 km’s is beyond me.

Next Hash
– Food: Alberto & Jenni
– Hares: Ruth & Tom

On On ……………………………………

Hash Scribe(4) ……………. Bob

Alan’s Receding Hareline:
DateRun No.Hares   –   Area
9th Jan 2005431Tom & Ruth
23rd January432Clarance & Family
6th February433Gilbert “DodoCop” , at Belle Mare
20th February434Rey “Hotpants”
6th March435Jacques + Stuart
20th March436Clarence + Eric
3rd April437David + James + Claire
Phone: Trailmaster…….Alan – 675 0365

1. Would hashers please note that there is a deposit (money) on glass bottles (beer, softies)! Please do not throw them away, leave them on the beach or with the rubbish (or even take them home).
2. Walks take place on most Sundays when there is no Hash. See the “Friendly walks” page for details.

Supreme Being:Leslie Nimmo
Hare Line + Trailmasters:Alan “Strong on” Grihault
Cellarmaster:Andy “The Hustler” Belfitt
Hash Horn:Robert “Blob” Latimer
Religious Adv/Sex Councillor:Tom “Decoy” Williams, deputy: Alan “Strong On” Grihault
Barbecue Bearer:Dave “Shorty” Colbert
Ice Maiden:Rey Joseph
Ha$h Ca$h:Claudia Carey
Drinks for Wimps ‘n Kids:Jean Ramiah
Hash Market:Juliette “Snow White” & David “Shorty” Colbert
Edit Hare:Tom “Decoy” Williams, Sarah, Marie-Claude, Bob etc.
Always willing deputy Edit Hare:Sarah “Coffee Mate” Grihault
Webmaster:Bob Russell ( )
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