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Mauritius Hash Trash 300

07-11-1999 Midlands Hunting Lodge (300th) Supremous Blobus & Knit Renton #300


A very good turn out for a Hash set in the “RAIN BELT…!! Quite a few new Hashers and visiting ones to… welcome all of you… I hope to see you all at the next one…??!!

Many thanks again to Alan “Knit” and John “Cellar master” for helping me to set the Hash… (we are becoming a team)…!! It was such an easy Hash, I could have set it myself of course… Ha…!! Ha…!! Ha…!! Thanks chaps.


My thanks also to all those who helped make the day a success… in particular to Jacky and Mirielle for the GREAT FOOOOOOD…!! A big thanks to our new Sales lady Anne “Haberdash” for selling nearly all the 300th Hash T shirts…!! Last but not least thanks to Gilbert for arranging the site for us.


The Hash…??!! PUFF…!! PANT…!! Puff… Puff…!! Pant…!! SPLASH…!! Oh no not again…!! PUFF…!! Pant…Ouch…!! Splash…YUUUKK…??!! GEEEZZE… WAIT TILL I GET HOLD OF THOSE… “BL***Y” HARES…!! Puff… Puff…!! ON ON…!! (what else do you want me to say)…??!!…. (I FOUND A GREAT WAY TO SELL TEE SHIRTS)…!! sorry…??


If you want a “Totally Unique” day out or week-end away from normal life…??!! I strongly recommend that you try “LE BARACHOIS
Restaurant at Anse Bambous, Old Grand Port. After a superb sea food lunch (Giant Prawns, Lobster,Crab, etc..) You can follow the nature trail through one of the only Mangrove forests in Mauritius, and see the unique Petrified Coral Reef… Or you can just relax on the patio built over the water…!! It’s great… I was there today… and it’s owned by a HASHER…!!

As promised I include details of the New Years Eve Millenium Bash for those who have not yet There are still some places available!

See you at the next one.




 We have premises… the cost will be approx. RS 1,000.00 per person… and will include: MUSIC & DANCING TILL DAWN…!! A Five course Dinner, Champagne, Red wine, White wine, Beer, Soft drinks. Bring your own “Spirits” and “Fire works” .


Smoked Marlin platter

Prawns & Palm heart

Spit Roast Lamb

Ratatouille Poiki

Rice & Apricot Pilaf

Mixed Salad

Fruit Salad & Cream

Cheese Platter


If you want to stay the night to avoid having to drive, take a tent and breakfast. Confirmed, Paid, Bookings ASAP please…



First Hash

Welcome all those First Timers – Rick & Janeth from Canada; Frank holidaying from Germany; Terry who ‘works’ with Hash Cash; South African Hasher, Craig; EJBP from Portugal and, finally a local, Ana.

Second Hash

Lots of Down Downs to enjoy – great to see you all back. Peter ‘Long Zip’ and Nam ‘I go’; Paul ‘Handsome’ and ‘Linda ‘Winsome’.

Religious Adv/Sex Councillor

Ian ‘Crash’ McLean was the first Hasher EVER to seek advice from our R.A./S.C. when he wondered whether running up and down all those hills was good for your six life. ‘Not at the time of running up and down’ was the advice.

Car on a bit of wood Award went to our always happy stand-in Ice Maiden, Keith Lane.

Happy Hashers Award

Richard, ‘Wanker the Banker’ still has it – he must have figured out how to turn it on.

Children’s Award

Finally, Jay remembered to bring it and gave it to Stephan.

Fashion Award

A toss up between the only two people who bothered to dress Halloween style (granted it was hard to tell with Alan). Joint Down Downs to ‘The Witches’ Ann Renton and Alan Oliphant.

Smelly Blue T Shirt

Geeta couldn’t be with us so sent Smelly Blue along with Ann Renton who finally gave it to the third choice. THIRD CHOICE! Charming! Edit Hare was really touched and is spending many idle moments wondering to whom to pass it.

Gay Singles

The Bolted Bunny was passed to Rosemarie from Chris who was impressed with her effort in struggling up and down those hills

Please note

Even though there are no rules at the Hash, there are a few procedures which must be followed to be fair. NO ONE, and that includes KIDS, is to drink soft drink or beer before the first Hasher to fully complete the run has returned to the site. Got it? If you cannot wait until then, bring your own.


Thank you for all that great food Jackie and Mirielle!!!

Next Hash

#301, 1000 hrs, 21 November

Hares : Lord & Lady Russell

Directions: Go towards Mare aux Vacoas. If coming from Vacoas, Curepipe etc. – just before the lake, (2.5 km after La Marie filter beds), turn to the left. Follow Hash signs.

If coming from the South, pass by Mare aux Vacoas and then turn right. Look for Hash signs.

All car owners should drive carefully because part of the ‘road’ is damaged by heavy vehicles working near by.

Hare Line

We need volunteers please. If you need help, just ask!

Hash #302, 05 December – ?????

Hash #303, 19 December – ?????

Food Line

Hash #301, 21 Nov – Brigitte & Sylvia

Diary Dates

Reunion Island Hash 19 – 21 All those Happy Hashers going to Reunion, have a great time!

Ex-MHHH The Saville-Browns have finally found time to write to the Hash group, here is the first installment.

Message from Trinidad and Tobago:

Hi Guys, remember us! (for those of you who don’t – shame… and just be thankful ED) .

Well here we are all settled (as much as we can be) in very hot, but very wet (for six months of the year) Trinidad. Kids are very happy at school and Alec is enjoying the job very much, although his boss is definitely not David Isaac’s. Trinidad is so much like Mauritius – it is not true, however, it is not as pretty, but the people are so lovely, friendly and always happy, and have a saying “No Problem” which always amuses me as they do not mean it.

However, when you are an expat you have to sit the Trinidadian driving test, which 1) Is hilarious 2) you learn how to queue.

I will share with you the contents of a Trinny driving test, the questions are real and I promise you no exaggeration:

1) When filling a car with petrol do you :

a) Light a match to see if you have enough petrol

b) Stick finger in petrol tank

c) Leave engine on

d) Turn off engine and do not have any naked flames

2) When approaching a red light do you :

a) Go straight through

b) Think about going through but slow down

c) Stop look and then go through no matter what

d) Stop and wait for lights to change

3) When stopped by an officer in uniform do you….

a) Ignore him

b) Stop

c) Pretend you are fixing your radio

d) Slow down and see if it really you he wants

4) When a pedestrian is crossing the road do you:

a) Slow down and let them cross

b) Put your foot down

c) Blow your horn

d) Speed up

I could go on but there are fifty questions and five of them are hand signals and you are only allowed three mistakes. However, I failed…. I was so ashamed of myself as I failed on hand signals so had to resit it.

However, when I returned the next day I was the only expat so I was in a room filled with rasta’s and other Trinny people, the officer in charge asked if there was any non residents and the rasta sitting next to me shouted “Yeah man spot the white girl” I killed myself laughing and was told to be quiet and take this exam seriously and then he informed them all I was a second timer as I had failed.

So I duly sat through my test and passed this time and have the license to prove it. But we had to queue for over five hours in which to get the permit, queuing is an art form here no one complains and they all sing whilst queuing, if I knew what they were singing I would join in.

Anyway we all miss you all so much, we have not attempted Hashing here, for fear of crocs, murderers, and deadly snakes and spiders, but will do when they Hash in this area. By the way we have adopted a baby called Princess, a six week old Alsatian/Rottweiler who is too cute for words.

If anyone wants to email me my address is look forward to hearing from you all.


Supreme Beings: Latimer (6963815) & Kevin Murray (2835534)

Trailmaster: Lord Russell

Cellarmaster: Julie & John

Hash Horn: Yves “BoogieWoogie” Robert

Fashion Advisor: Sylvia

Religious Advisor/Sex Councillor: Leslie Nimno

Barbecue Bearer: David ‘Shortie’ Colbert

Ice Maiden: Dagmar Neubacher

Ha$h Ca$h: David ‘Shortie’ Colbert

Drinks for Wimps and Kids: Julie & John

Bangers and Hash: Reverse Alphabet

Hash Market: Bob Tumblety

Web Meister: Alan Oliphant


Edit-Hare: Wendy Austin (6257399)

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