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Last run was on 02-05-2021. Next run is due on 16-05-2021.

Directions for next run not yet received. Watch this space !



Notice to all Hashers

Participants in Mauritius Hash House Harriers' (MH3) Runs and activities expressly waive their right to pursue the Committee of MH3,
their agents, servants or assigns, for any loss, including injury and personal loss, howsoever caused, while participating in M3H Runs and its associated events.

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Receding Hare-line . . . . .

Drinker Hare!
Date Run Location Hare(s)
16-05-2021 848 Trailmaster
30-05-2021 849 Mare Longue Gaetan & Erwin
13-06-2021 850 HASH BASH
27-06-2021 851 Chamarel Guy

Volunteers for setting Hashes are invited to contact the Trail Master:
Gilbert "Dodo Cop" - Email (Click here), Phone: 5910 4062